Wednesday, April 16, 2008

pull your weight, Vikki's secret and more....

*warning: complete randomness and blabbering ahead*
i just can't concentrate on what i need to so - what do i do, talk to the internet while listening to the wonderful musings of E=mc2 [mariah carey's new cd], mike bought it for me today. it's wonderful.

i have been so insanely frustrated with my "groups" that i have to work with @ school. probably b/c most of them do no work and complain to me that nothing is done... um duh? i'm not doing everything! I finally started refusing to do certain things in order to force the hand on other people, it worked. sorta. We are in medical school, you should be old enough to take direction - for that matter, not need much direction, i can't handle it! I can't wait for it to all be over......

also frustrating - things that are unfair. i want everyone to have what they want out of life, and it's not happening for some and i don't like that much. not at all. how can someone so deserving be denied something they want so badly over and over again? it really makes my heart hurt.

more upbeat: yesterday i learned the most amazing news ever, something in fact that i had heard once but thought too good to be true. My friend Megan verified it. You really can return defective bra's to Vikki's and get a new one in return! I have one of my favorite's from there that has a wierd tear in it and i thought all hope was lost, but now, I know that I can get a brand-spanking new one-sans hole! YEESSS!!!
the sun is out people - like really out. no, i don't have a picture of it today - but maybe tomorrow. and it's warm - almost 70! i can feel the heatwave coming..... i am so ready for warm weather and sunshine it's ridic.

on the 'babymaking front' - still trying to figure out those crazy OPK's.... i know i am using them right, but man looking at the lines to figure out if it's lighter/same/darker.... gimme a cheese break. i can see how they frustrate people!

alright - now that you have a small sampling of whats been going on the past few days... we'll go now. gonna take a walk. in the sunshine. yay!

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