Sunday, April 27, 2008

step away

from the 'pregnancy symptom checker' websites.

i am telling you what - this TWW is getting ridic! i actually have HPT in the house - not something i am used to, and not something that is good for my health (mental or otherwise) b/c she has no willpower. none. zero.

  • tested friday (9dpo) = BFN
  • tested this am (11dpo) = BFN
  • surprising - no!
  • early for testing? - yes!! [kinda, the super fertile myrtles get bfp's @ those days in their cycle... but then some don't so i am not worrying... much... right?!]

ahhh just make the cramps/headaches/etc. stop - or AF come - or something!*

on a different note - i am very much enjoying my weekend of nothingness - until later when i have to actually accomplish things. but that's later right?

* i am ok-ish with not being pg,
i am not ok with feeling like crap and not being pg at the same time
it will just make me whine more.

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K said...

Yeah, 11 dpo is too early... There are always those gals who get their BFPs at like 7dpo, but normal folks need to wait until it is AF time. Fingers crossed for you!