Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Princess for My Twinnie

Jacqui (& Josh):

9 (okay, 10) months is such an agonizingly long time to wait to meet the little person that you created together. The one who has been kicking you from the inside and forcing her pointy little ankles into your ribs. For you, it was probably a little more uncomfortable and agonizing than normal.

9.27  (3)

I know I told you all the time that the discomfort, the puking, leg cramps and heartburn were all going to be worth it, and  you weren’t so sure I was right some days. But you hung in there.

And when it was finally time for that little person to join the outside world, time sort of stood still. 9.28  (4)9.28  (9)

The days you spent in the hospital trying to coax her out of her warm, inside home were long.

9.29  (3)

But when that girl decided it was time to meet her mommy, she wasn’t wasting any time.

9.29  (8)9.29  (9)9.29  (14)

(right about the time the nurse told you that yes, she was coming, right now!)

9.29  (11)9.29  (12)


You did exactly what you needed to do to help that girl into the world. And you did great.

9.29  (40)9.29  (49)

I will never forget the moment that I officially became a mother. Or the moment that you did. They are pretty close to the same, in my book.

9.29  (60)9.29  (75)

I am so proud of you. You are such a great mommy already.

Luciana is going to teach you more about life than you can ever imagine.

9.29  (111)9.29  (117)9.29  (125)

Me (and the rest of her aunts) are going to teach her a lot too. Like about being stylish.

9.29  (156)9.29  (161)

I am also sure her big cousin is going to teach her a lot. I can’t even imagine the adventures these two (three, when little baby sister arrives) are going to have over the years.

9.30  (9)9.30  (11)9.30  (16)

If they are anything like the adventures that we have had, they will never know how lucky they are.

We have shared every experience of our lives – no one gets me like you do – and now, we are going to share the experience of motherhood (and, I finally get to experience aunt-hood!).

You have your own princess now. Your own beautiful, precious, amazing little girl to love and to hold, to kiss and hug, to learn from and to learn with. A little girl who you can show the world to, and who you will help you see the world in a way you never thought possible.

9.29  (69)

You are officially on the most amazing, rewarding, challenging, difficult, ever-changing, spectacular ride you could (n)ever imagine. 

She will love you forever, and you will love her for always in a way that is so powerful it hurts sometimes. Enjoy every single moment, even the ones that are frustrating, because they don’t last long.

9.29  (72)

You are her mommy now, and she already knows you are amazing.

I love you, Twin B!


Kara Foster said...

Beautiful words! I am so happy for Jacqui (and you!) You are so right.. There is nothing more rewarding than being a mom. Love you both!

Jennifer S. Miller said...

Beautiful post Andrea! Congratulations to your sister, and to you. You will be a fantastic aunt!

Susie Imars said...

This is an amazing tribute to your sister and, now, niece. Simply beautiful words. I am in tears. Congratulations to your sister(BIL), and to you, too, auntie.

MommyV said...

Beautiful post!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the Queen cry like a baby this morning!!! I love you twin A and twin B and all the princesses more than you'll ever know. Being a mom is the greatest thing ever and being a grandma is a blessing beyond words!

Deborah said...

So, your family just doesn't do boys, do you?

This post totally made me tear up. Congratulations!

Roadblocks and Roller Coasters said...


alison said...

Deborah's comment made me giggle - my family is all girls too... and then my sister and I had 4 boys. :) So happy for you, auntie! It's the best thing ever. You get all the extra blessings of having another baby without the pregnancy part. I love my nephews as fiercely as I love my own boys. It's the beginning of a great ride for you guys! xo