Monday, October 1, 2012

Disney Recap: Animal Kingdom/Downtown Disney

We went to the Animal Kingdom on our last day – it’s the easiest to get through park, so we saved it for the day we would be most tired!

We had breakfast at the Tusker House – it was good, the juice they had was seriously awesome, I forget what it was called! They had usual breakfast food and some other African specialties.

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She danced with Daisy, which she thought was super fun!

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We went on the safari, and as many times as we have been on it, we have never seen the animals so close.  Gianna LOVED IT!

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We went on a water ride, got soaked,

8.31  (135)8.31  (139)

did some more stuff, and looked at more animals,

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let Mike ride Expedition Everest, went to the Nemo show and watched a bugs life before heading out.

We spent the evening at Downtown Disney – and had dinner at Portobello (it was REALLY REALLY GOOD!)

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We went home the next day (spent the day at the pool in the am, enjoyed the magical express back to the airport and had a pretty uneventful ride home!)

Until we meet again, Disney World.

9.1  (6)

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