Monday, September 3, 2012

Vacation Hangover: Disney Hangover

  • We spent last week in Disney. With Hurricane/tropical storm/hurricane Isaac. 8.26  (6)
  • It rained 2ish days (on and off) but whatever, we still had a great time.
  • Because of said rain, I relied on my iPhone for pictures on our first day because I didn’t want to risk anything happening to my camera.  It worked just as well. See.8.27  (1)8.27  (4)8.27  (22)8.27  (36)8.27  (42)8.27  (84)
  • It poured in the am that day, but cleared up for the afternoon which was awesome.
  • I had brought some special treats for G “from” various disney peeps to give her throughout the trip, it was a HUGE hit and honestly did help with the “gimmees” that come inside the merchandise stores at the end of every single attraction in the parks. (separate post coming soon)
  • We made some awesome memories, I am so glad we were able to take her this year.
  • Also, the free dining that we got in on (Disney rocks, they offer this almost every fall/winter) allowed us to do a lot of things we might not have otherwise been able to
  • Our hotel was great – we really liked it.
  • I feel like I ran a marathon after all that walking. My feet are totally wrecked and they started swelling after the 2nd day. They are closer to normal now.
  • I teared up about as much as I expected. When you see your child so genuinely happy, how can you not feel that happiness too?
  • The new sandals I bought just for this trip ended up being the most uncomfortable, so that was a bust of a purchase.
  • G did great on the plane. This trip made her 9th/10th airplane trips. She is 3! That totally blew my mind when I thought about it – she is a professional traveler.
  • Overall – we had a fantastic time, there were a few meltdowns, but all in all, it was a great trip.
  • More details, and pictures, coming (hopefully) soon.  If there is something you want to know specifically about our trip – ask!


PJ said...

Yay! Sounds like a great trip!

Photogrl said...

I'm SO happy that you didn't get entirely rained out for your trip.

Cute pics, especially the one of G & Jake...adorable!

Kim said...

We loved seeing you! :) yay for Disney & yes so worth it for the memories! We Teared up all week!!!