Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pregnancy Comparison

Now that we know we are having a girl, people ask me all the time if my pregnancy this time has been similar to my pregnancy with Gianna.

In some a few ways yes and in most ways no.

The biggest similarity is the freaking heartburn. All the time. Caused by everything and nothing all at the same time.  and you know, that we are having a girl again!

Otherwise, things have been pretty different this time around.

  • I have acne like I have never had before (I am blaming the fertility drugs for this one) and my skin is just crappy in general.
  • I have not gained NEARLY as much weight (thank goodness!) so far.
  • I have generally felt really pretty good – a few moments of annoying nausea here and there, but overall? I can’t complain at all.  I remember feeling like complete garbage with Gianna.
  • I’m tired, but I’m also busy busy busy – I don’t really know if I am more or less tired than before, I think it’s just different.
  • I can still wear my wedding rings! (probably related to that point about weight)
  • My boobs – they are out of control. For serious.
  • My love for oreos is not nearly as strong. But my love for french fries and ramen noodles? it’s pretty intense some days.
  • I feel like there are just more bodily fluid leakages and hair growth than last time, but it’s also likely that I blocked those lovely memories out of my mind.
  • The belly button is starting to get out of control already. the belly is already out of control. that’s not really so different from last time though, see:

Recently Updated1 (please excuse the naked belly from 2008!)

I’m 22 weeks (tomorrow) and it is just really starting to hit me that HOLY COW this pregnancy is more than half over! I can’t really believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. And chasing a three year old.

Gianna is really excited about baby sister. She gives her kisses and “hugs” her. It’s pretty awesome, and pretty surreal when I think about my girl-S. More than one. I still don’t know if I believe this is happening yet.

We have a lot that needs to get done before baby sister arrives – like name her. get her room ready (which requires some minor home repairs, paint, a new glider/rocker, etc.). (hopefully) get through Bradley classes. and go through clothes and baby gear and all that stuff.

But for now, I am enjoying feeling her tumble around and practice her pliƩ's from the inside just like I enjoy watching her big sister practice her pliƩ's from the outside!

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raisingmiles said...

Awww I love the plie comment. And naming her? Yeah, kinda important. :)