Sunday, September 23, 2012

Disney Recap: Magic Kingdom (part 1)

We spent 2 days at the Magic Kingdom on our recent disney trip, because, HELLO! It’s the best place to take a little person. Especially a Princess-Obsessed three year old.

That morning, we had breakfast at Chef Mickey’s which is located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

8.28  (1)

We ended up taking the shuttle from our hotel to the Magic Kingdom and walking over to the Contemporary (the monorail wasn’t running) – it was a short walk, so no big deal.

It’s a breakfast buffet – and it was really yummy! Lots of good stuff, and naturally, Mickey waffles! But the really fun part of this meal is the characters, of course!

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After breakfast, we headed to get our Magic Kingdom on! I’m not sure who was more excited – Mike and I or Gianna!!

8.28  (72)8.28  (74)

We passed by Peter Pan and saw where Tinkerbelle was – so we headed there, good thing because it started raining and we were at least inside!

She saw Rosetta first (who was a GREAT fairy!) and was pretty psyched.

8.28  (90)8.28  (96)

and then – Tink!

8.28  (104)8.28  (108)8.28  (121)

We hit up a few things in Adventureland and eventually made our way back toward Main Street to get a fastpass to see the princesses later. We bought Gianna some ears (she HAD to have the pink sparkly ones) And we saw Mary Poppins while we were there

8.28  (136)

And then! It was PRINCESS TIME (more specifically, Cinderella and Rapunzel time!)

8.28  (148)

8.28  (155)8.28  (160)8.28  (164)

(she had that goofy, perma-grin on her face pretty much the rest of the day!)

She had a little chat with Belle:

8.28  (173)8.28  (178)

And about lost her mind waiting for Cinderella:

8.28  (184)8.28  (190)8.28  (198)

We snapped a picture in front of the Castle:

8.28  (204)

grabbed a juice box and waited to see Merida:

8.28  (208)8.28  (211)8.28  (214)

(this was also when I realized I lost my feet:8.28  (217)

She really did chat every single princesses ear off that she met – it was hilarious!

8.28  (225)8.28  (232)

We noticed it looked like rain again, right when Mike and G were ready to ride Dumbo. 8.28  (244)8.28  (249)

Clearly, it didn’t make a difference to G! She put on her poncho and rode the Barnstormer with Mike!

8.28  (243)8.28  (255)8.28  (261)

And then, since she was already wet! Enjoyed the Casey Jr. splash pad (first in her wet clothes, then in her bathing suit!) [tip: this is more like a SOAK PAD! But so worth it for the kids to run off some steam in – just bring extra clothes and a towel!]

8.28  (266)8.28  (268)8.28  (279)

Next up: Tea Cups!

8.28  (324)8.28  (335)8.28  (336)

we did the carousel and the winnie the pooh ride

8.28  (349)

We ended up heading back to our hotel early-ish that day because we were all tired! And it started raining again.

But it was a great day, tons of stuff for the little one to do and see and experience – but too much for one day. Stay tuned for Magic Kingdom day 2!

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