Sunday, February 12, 2012

Working Mom Issues: a series

I have always considered myself a “working mom” – I worked from home when Gianna was 2 weeks old, worked full time through her 18 month birthday, started my own business right after that and was “at home” and started back to work full time when she was about 28 months old.

I am sure her earliest memories of me have to do with meetings or going to work or something related.

But ALL mom’s work – outside the home, inside the home, for pay or not, full-time, part-time or somewhere on either side of that. 

That being said – I think most mom’s are going to be able to relate to a lot of my “working mom issues” – and I find a lot of days that I think “ugh, working mom issue” over SOMETHING that is going on in my life.  And what do I do when pretty much any thought crosses my mind? I blog about it – I figured it would be fun to share and you know, misery loves company and all that jazz. Feel free to participate no matter where you are in the “working mom” spectrum. 


Working Mom Issue no. 1: Sleepy head

I am not really a morning person.

On work days, I roll my sleepy butt out of bed after my 3rd alarm (no, seriously, I have 3 alarms – I have a bad habit about saying “screw you” to the snooze button) and try to get dressed.

But the thing is, I usually change 2 or 3 times before I decide on what I feel like wearing for the day – not so good of an idea when you are already up later than you should be.

So once I pick something to wear, I have to pick shoes (again, not always easy, too many to choose from!). And do my hair. And makeup.

Except I SUCK at doing hair and am really too lazy to put makeup on 6/7 days a week.  And usually am running so behind that even if I wanted to spend time on those things, there isn’t any more time to spend. Because I HAVE to make coffee!

So I leave the house in a cute outfit, accessorized with good shoes and jewelry hoping that those things distract people from the hot mess that is my hair and naked face.

Am I the only one who does this?  Who really HATES waking up and being rushed to get ready?

This isn’t something I had to worry about for 9 months while I was home and let me tell you how MUCH I miss being able to wake up slowly while enjoying a cup or three of coffee while snuggled in a blanket watching Mickey Mouse with Gianna.  (I got to enjoy this luxury yesterday morning, and it was so wonderful)

And before that, I could wear scrubs to work – so who cares what my hair looked like when I practically stayed in pj’s all day long?!

What’s your routine in the am?

Do you rush around like I do and leave for work with sleepers still in your eyes or are you much more put together? 

Talk to me about your morning routine issues – because I have a feeling these things don’t just apply to working moms.

And since Gianna has my slow-to-wake up tendencies, getting her up and out the door in time for preschool next year should be good and challenging!



Devon A. said...

My routine M,W is more laid back, because I don't teach until 1:30, so I can get Cae on the bus and then spend some time getting myself ready. This does not mean in any way that I do my makeup. 3 out of 5 workdays I am naked faced. I never really LIKED doing my makeup. Once I do it, I'm like yeah, let's go. It's the doing it part I hate.

My routine T, Th is a nightmare. I have to get up (I hit snooze twice on a regular basis. I hate mornings) and start getting both girls ready, Cae for school and Ell for the sitter. Then, I shower in a flash and get out to finish getting all three of us ready because the bus comes to get Cae at 8:30 *on a good day* and I have to be out of the door, if I am being honest with myself, by 8:25 to get Ell to the sitter's. So I am already 5 minutes behind, and that is if the bus is running on time. Drop E off at the sitter's, and hit the road for the 40 minute drive to the satellite campus across the county.

I hate those mornings. I do get to come home and change before my evening class, so my night students typically will see me a little more presentable. And that has nothing to do with how I feel about them, yet everything to do with my weirdo schedule.

And for the record, you would so totally make fun of me, because I wear either one of two pairs of shoes, or my boots. I am not a shoe person, so my collection sucks lol.

Jill said...

My routine-

My alarm goes off at 5. I hit snooze twice.

I shower, do hair and makeup, and get everything ready to go out the door while H sleeps. If she wakes up early, she gets to sit in bed with Daddy and watch TV.

at 6:30 I wake her up, change her, and put her in the car with a cup of milk and some type of breakfast- usually a banana.

I always lay everything out (clothes, food, etc) the night before, because I'm a super slow mover in the mornings. If I dont' like what I had laid out to wear, then I either need to find something fast or deal. Usually I deal.

alison said...

I wake up about an hour before we all have to leave. I shower, get dressed (I'm not picky enough for work to care what I'm wearing for the most part), and yes I always do my hair and makeup. I don't think I could go out in public without makeup. :) My hair thankfully is super easy since it's curly, I just have to put mousse in it and let it air dry (so yes, I always leave for work with wet-ish hair). We each get a kid ready and we're out the door. Some days more successfully than others... :)

Mazzy said...

Ah. The morning. I loathed the morning when I worked outside of the home. I really did.

And then when I started working from home with just the one baby who was an EXCELLENT sleeper and would wake up at 9 AM, the mornings were AMAZING for me. I could get up at 6:30 AM, go run, shower, eat, have coffee and get some work in all before she got out of bed. (I'll tell you, exercise in the AM is awesome if you can fit it in--changes the course of your whole day)

Then #2 drama queen baby came along and the ensuing chaos of having 2 kids on 2 inconsistent schedules every morning beginning around 7 AM. And washing bottles and feeding them both and making the bed and getting logged in to work email and... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH, my mornings are insane right now. I feel like it is a whirlwhind and I don't seem to notice that I have relaxed a moment until like 10:30-11 AM and my motto about myself is always "First to rise, last to eat." I'm sure it'll get easier but right now, it is insanity.

Don't even get me started on 2 bedtimes. ESPECIALLY when my husband is out of town. (which is a lot lately, sigh)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Don't hate me, but I get up before the Crazies. I get that hour of alone time and I'm much better prepared to face the inevitable. I get them dressed, teeth brushed, hair did, and downstairs. Then I return upstairs (alone) to put on my makeup and get dresses. I wear makeup every single day...even to the gym. I typically shower the night/day before since I workout in the morning. It seems pointless to shower before going to the gym.

I work at night though...only two nights a week. My schedule can be different.