Friday, February 10, 2012

Have a Heart - {Akron Children's Hospital Radiothon}

I remember the first time I heard WKDD's Radiothon that supports Akron Children's Hospital - I was BAWLING in the car because of all the sad, yet inspiring stories, that were being told. 

The next year, the cause hit a lot closer to home.  A friend had just lost her 18-month old son and I decided to be a part of the Radio-thon that year.  In 48 hours I was able to collect close to $500 to donate and it was really great.

Last year, my dear friend Jennepper was practically living at this hospital as her new little fighter was working her way through the first few months of life.  And we made a donation.

This year, Jen & Co. are still practiaclly living at the hospital with their 1 year old, totally amazing and nom-able little girl who continues to fight her way through life with a big smile and a few teeth now!

If  you have been looking for a way to give back - this is a GREAT way to do it. You can live ANYWHERE and call in to make a donation.  (You can even make a donation in Ainsley's name)

And TODAY! ALL DONATIONS WILL BE DOUBLED! This is such an awesome thing, this hospital provides the very best care imaginable to the kids (and families) that come through their doors - never turning anyone away.

If you want to see or hear the festivities, WKDD has a live feed on their website as well as broadcasts live through i heart radio.

Think about doing something awesome today and enriching the lives of all who come through that hospital's doors.

And spread the word - Radiothon ends tomorrow at 6pm!

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