Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Operation Organization

Katherine and Alison inspired me to jump on this opportunity to CLEAN UP MY HOUSE!

so I am jumping on the Operation Organization bandwagon. (a few days late, but still – ON.IT!)

Here’s our hot mess express of a house (I totally SPED through the house, and it was night time, so I didn’t get the outside. or Gianna’s room.  So, ya…here it is.

don’t judge me by the state of my house, okay!

I think I will do some combination of videos/pictures for before/after shots.  But it’s time to get this place in shape!

Intrigued? Want in? 

Here’s the scoop:

Just focus on each of these areas for a week and then post our accomplishments on Sundays. Here's the schedule:

  • March 4:
    • Kitchen
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room
  • March 11:
    • Play Room
    • Main Bathroom 
    • Linen Closet/Storage Closet
  • March 18
    • Master Bedroom (beginning – this will require some Ikea wonderfulness to complete)
    • Gianna’s Room   (again, beginning because there is a LOT to do here)
  • March 25
    • Laundry Room
    • Half bathroom
    • Storage Room
  • April 1:
    • Front of House
    • Backyard
    • Anything else you didn't have time to finish up in the previous weeks
  • April 8thish (since that’s easter!) [I added this week because I needed it]
    • Office

My house is set up a little different (but you just saw it so you know that) so what I am going to focus on is different than what is listed in Katherine’s post – so go with what works for you!  I’ll try to put some organizational tips – and you know I’ll be consulting my BFF Pinterest for some organizational inspiration.

Link up to Katherine (and tell me too so I can check out your house and organizational skillz) and get to it, friends!



seussgirl said...

Glad you're in!
I love that you added an extra week. :) I will need that....and more. Unless out moving plans come through, in which case I can throw it all in boxes and try again in a new space! :)
Love the mix of lacrosse stuff and Barbie shoes. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has stashes of toys that got taken away. Only our "taken away" stash is much much bigger, and includes things like rakes and IKEA rollers because we've hit our brothers with them. Oops.

Good luck with the organizing!!

andrea said...

oh, the "taken away" stash is usually MUCH bigger! it recently had a small lacrosse stick in it... so i totally get it!

can't wait to see what everyone else does :)

alison said...

Your house is adorable, I love it! This process has made me realize that though I thought my house was a complete disaster and everyone else had homes that looked like a Stepford Wife lived there... I'm really just completely normal. Normal mess and stress. Phew. :)