Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear twin sister:

We have been through everything together.

You have been there for every event: big , small, silly, important, and everything in between.

You are always my biggest cheerleader, my strongest supporter and the person who I can literally tell anything to.  There to listen to me cry and be angry when life gets in the way of my dreams and to laugh with me when I need it most.

You are the most amazing aunt. Always playing with Gianna, making her laugh and loving her just as much as we do.  And spoiling her rotten.  And she loves you (and Uncle Joshie) just the same.

And I am looking forward to returning the favor in September.

While it may be difficult for me to talk about some days, know that I always want to listen and that I am infinitely happy for you.  And Gianna is very excited to have a baby cousin.

You are going to be a great mom – it is an adventure that pays back in the biggest way. That little life and the smile it brings to your face can dissipate any challenge that parenting brings and the lack of sleep will pale in comparison to just how much love you can feel for some one you just met.

So enjoy each day of that baby being inside, the days where you are the only one to know them and to feel them kick and wiggle.  Pamper yourself, sleep as much as you can (which, I know isn’t an issue for you!), enjoy all the little things about being pregnant (and it’s okay to complain about the annoying things too – no one likes to puke every day!).

I am praying that we’ll be able to experience at least part of this pregnancy together, and even if we can’t - remember I am just as excited to meet that little person as you are.  Maybe even more. I look forward to being an aunt and taking part in the spoiling that comes along with aunt-hood.

I love you and I love that itty bitty baby.



Anonymous said...

Love you so much and in a way that no one understands but us! So thankful to have you in my life and share a special bond! I can't wait for our kids to be best friends! And you know I can't get through this with out you and will need you to hold my leg lol! Love ya , twin b !

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of the special bond you two have! You make your mamma very proud! Remember, "Grandma's house is the place cousins go to be best friends" I already told G we will be putting a crib in her room!

alison said...

Um, I think your mom just gave me my next printable idea: Grandma's house is the place cousins go to be best friends. LOVE it.

Deborah said...

I love that line, too, about Grandma's house! Gianna will be lucky to have a cousin.

When I'd been trying to get pregnant for several months, my best friend got pregnant on the first try. I told myself I was okay with it, as long as I got pregnant before she delivered, so we'd overlap at least a bit. Well... a week before her son was born, I got pregnant! I hope you & your sister overlap by more than that, though. :)