Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear little sister,

Before thanksgiving, this happened:

11.21  (4)11.21  (17)11.21  (2)

I really still can’t wrap my brain around the idea that you are going to get married. (or that you are even old enough for that to happen!) But I am so thankful that God brought Jimmy in to your life (and ours) because if I had to pick someone for you – I don’t know if I could have picked someone better.

He is a hard worker, respectful, silly and loving.  He gets along with everyone and Gianna loves him – so that is awesome.

The adventure of your lives is just beginning and I am excited to see where it takes you – and to help plan the wedding, of course! 

My wish for you is to be happy always, to love each other always and to never go to bed angry.  That you explore life together – make ordinary days in to an adventure and ever lasting memories.  That whatever you wish and desire may be yours – sometimes those wishes will take work and time to accomplish, but sometimes they just take a little imagination and a big dream.

I am so proud of the woman you are and the woman you are becoming.

You will be a beautiful bride next April and I am sure I will never make it through the ceremony or my maid of honor speech without bawling. 


Heck, I won’t make it through dress shopping, party planning or this blog without bawling – but they are happy tears, tears of pride and excitement. 

Krissy, you are not just my little sister, you are my best friend, a fabulous aunt, and someone I couldn’t live without and I am so glad you have met the man who you are going laugh and love through life with.



jacqui said...

Love u so much sugar! You will never be all grown up in my eyes lol but I do love jimmy and so does josh ;) I can't wait for you to meet your new niece/nephew knowing that you are such a great sister/aunt! Love you soo much!

PJ said...

That was so sweet! What a lucky little sister! :)

So, as always, just catching up and read about your script to have sex! haha! Awesome! Sounds like a good plan. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of my "baby", what an amazing woman you have become..... but you will always be my "baby" you!

alison said...

Aww! So sweet!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...