Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers: Pedicure Edition

  • My mom called me the other day and said “I want you to call and schedule a hot stone pedicure on Thursday after work. I’ll keep Gianna”
  • UM, YES! (she got me a g/c for christmas that I had yet to be able to use)
  • It is always such a process picking out a color.  I can never decide. But I picked a fun shade of purple.
  • the girl doing my pedicure was really chatty.  I just wanted to sit in the quiet, look at pintrest on my phone and enjoy the massage.
  • I really don’t like small talk.
  • But she was nice enough, and complimented my glasses and my tattoo.
  • the hot stone massage on my feet = AHMAZING
  • I could have done without the national geographic special on ice worms that was on the big screen though – that was just…..weird…
  • There was a guy getting a pedicure next to me.
  • I totally meant to bring my own flip flops, but forgot them. so I had to wear those crappy foam flops.
  • to the car. In the rain.
  • But it was worth it since I always mess up my polish – but I didn’t this time.
  • After a really crazy few days at work and the emotional rollercoaster of the whole TTC process – it was just what I needed.
  • My mom rocks!



Anonymous said...

You deserver to be pampered! And you know I'll keep Gianna anytime!

Mazzy said...

That is awesome. I am so jealous. And I can't stand chatty people in those situations? I love a good quiet, relaxing pedicure or massage so much.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I hate those stupid foam flops!

I have never had a hot stone stone massage? Yes, but never pedicure.

Your Mom does rock!