Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Date with Dr. Wonderful

Our follow-up with Dr. Wonderful was on Tuesday – it made for a very romantic start to valentine’s day.

As I expected, we talked for a few minutes and he said that “you appear to have ovarian function. your uterus looks normal.  Mike’s sperm are normal in shape, number and movement”  And that was about the end of that.

the genetic screenings came back normal – expected, but always good to hear.

So now what.

We talked about just timing intercourse with a trigger shot – but I didn’t really like that plan.  So Clomid is the next likely coarse of action.

Dr. Wonderful is a FAST talker – but I think I caught everything he was saying.

Next cycle I will call them, they call in the Clomid Rx and schedule a monitoring appointment and post-coital test (dreading that part) with a trigger shot & progesterone after ovulation.  In the meantime I am supposed to take 81mg aspirin, foltex and my regular prenatal. 

After we talked about that, he figured we might as well “take a peek” at my ovaries to see how things were going this cycle. He said I had a 14mm follicle so, and I quote “since it’s valentine’s day and I am sure you will see your husband tonight, I want you to have sex tonight. Again on Thursday, Saturday and if you have the energy, Monday”

I have never been given a prescription for sex before. First time for everything, huh?

The best part of the appointment was the fact that he asked if I was okay with everything.  Quite honestly, I didn’t think we would be here, so “okay” is relative, and he talks REALLY fast, almost too fast to think of any questions.

I am a little freaked out about the whole thing just because it’s new and not something I really am excited to do. I have an idea of what to expect with the medicine.  Are there any questions I should be asking when (if?) I call Dr. Wonderful at the beginning of the cycle? I like to be prepared.

So I guess, here we go!andreasignature2


Kakunaa said...

Clomid can make you a raging hormonal crazy woman. So I hear. I have been blessed with not taking it. We skipped straight to the really horrid stuff. It is exciting for sure! And frustrating. And for the love of pete, try not to think of it as prescribed sex. Ruins it. Just sayin.

Mazzy said...

HATED clomid, so I am feeling for you at the sound of it already. It made me crazy and the hot flashes were awful. But? It was a part of my last treatment cycle after having not used it for several cycles and well, one-adorable-almost-3-year-old happened. So. It works. I am so glad they are monitoring you. The PCT sucks.

Hey, hopefully? None of this will matter and you'll get pregnant before all that goes down. Right? I'm praying for it, friend.

And, my RE was adamant that if the sperm situation was good? Just go for it every night. Romantic, eh?


Deborah said...

I agree with the others about Clomid, although by the time I started taking it, the TTC process was making me so hormonal and cranky anyway.

I'm a little late to this post, but I hope you could forget about the "prescribed" part and focus on the "Valentines Day" part. :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I like the "if you have the energy" part...yes, it's weird, but it's a means to an end...a very good end.