Saturday, December 17, 2011

She Said: 2.5 going on 22.5

the hilarity keeps on growing over here – and the attitude. It’s enormous some days.


Gianna: Can I have that toy?

Me: After you pick up your other toys.

Gianna: :: instant tears ::

Me: When you are done crying, pick up your toys.

Gianna: But I want THAT!

Me: When you are done crying, pick up your toys and you can have that.

Gianna: :: hands on hips, tears, etc. :: I Never Get Anything I Want

Me: stifling laughter.  Pick up your toys, Gianna…..

(seriously, a straight face was NOT happening in that moment)

((seriously seriously, how in the hell did she know to say that!))


at any time, she will just say “I am not TALKING to you, Mommy” – usually when she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say to her (you know, like picking up her toys)


Gianna spent at least 20 minutes in the bathroom the other night, searching through her entire drawer of bows for the “perfect ‘punzel bow”.  And we do a lot of ‘punzel hair and cindalella hair and belle hair lately. She also walked around the house with the blow dryer “blowin’ her hair out”.  If this is an indication of the primping to come, we are going to need an extra bathroom for sure!


We have lots of really run conversations, but it hit me the other night, as we were sitting on the couch having a snack and chatting about the day that this baby, is so much a little GIRL and not so much a baby.

Me: Tell me about your day!

Gianna: I went to the no’mal McDonald’s (normal = no play place!) with Sissy.

Me: Oh, was it fun?

Gianna: Ya. You go to work today, Mommy?

Me: Yup.

Gianna: How was your day at work?

Me: It was okay. I had a meeting today.

Gianna: Ya…. I had a meeting too.

Me: You did? How was it?

Gianna: It was okay.

OMG you guys, when did she get to be so assertive? Hands down, one of my favorite parts of the day.



Kakunaa said...

Okay, the part about the meetings is what totally got me...soooo grown up! Such a cutie!

Dayna Golden said...

She is so funny and so cute, I love seeing all the pictures you post. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Danifred said...

I swear they say the funniest things. It takes everything I have sometimes to NOT laugh.

alison said...

She is hilarious and adorable! <3