Monday, December 26, 2011

December to Remember: Gianna’s point of view

We have been busy (surprised?) this month doing all kinds of fun stuff – my Mommy and Daddy are so cool!

Because I am waiting on Daddy to edit a pretty awesome Christmas morning video  I figured I’d show what we have been up to this month.

On December 10th, the Goodyear Blimp hosted a Toys for Tots drive, and when you’re Uncle Joshie works for the Blimpie, you get the insiders visit.

12.10  (8)12.10  (12)12.10  (20)12.10 16

On December 17th Grandma and Papa had an Ugly Sweater Holiday Party.

Naturally, we all tried to dress the part, Mommy let me pick out my own clothes, but I think I still looked pretty cute.

12.17  (9)12.17

(see, this is me being like Mommy, taking pictures of Daddy – looking for them on my phone and showing you the good ones!)

12.17  (13)12.17  (16)12.17  (17)

There was lots of yummy food (that I didn’t eat) and some celebrations too!

12.17  (21)12.17  (25)12.17  (26)

Everyone look so are sillEEE!

12.17  (27)12.17  (61)12.17  (28)12.17  (63)


My Grandma and Papa know the coolest people!

12.17  (52)

On December 18th Aunt Jacqui and Uncle Joshie brought me a present!

12.18  (3)12.18  (1)

And on December 23rd Mommy and Daddy took me (and Krista, my elf) for a special surprise!

12.23  (7)12.23  (4)

We went to Kris Kringle’s workshop! And met some elves.

12.23  (20)12.23  (28)

Used our imaginations to draw pictures and make monsters.

12.23  (31)12.23  (45)

We made some cool snow and toys too.

12.23  (62)12.23  (74)12.23  (80)12.23  (82)

And FINALLY! We met KRIS KRINGLE! I told him I wanted a Belle baby doll and needed Mommy and Daddy to sit with me for my picture. photo

On the way home we sang Christmas songs (I love Dominic the Italian Christmas donkey!) and looked at all the pretty lights.   It was so such a cool day.

December was a pretty fun month at my house – how about yours?



Danifred said...

So much fun this month!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the world through those beautiful little blue eyes ! We should all dance with fairy wings on our backs! Love, Gamma