Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: The end of 2011 Edition

  • As usual, I am late on the leftovers and thankful Danifred is such a forgiving host.
  • It has been a pretty great week to end 2011 – I only worked 2 days, got to see a lot of my favorite friends, celebrated the 1st birthday of one amazing girl, and celebrated the 30th birthday of a great friend.
  • I got to spend lots of time with G too, which I so desperately needed.
  • And one on one time with my husband, again, desperately needed.
  • Mike got a Kinect for christmas, that Just Dance game is NO JOKE! It is pretty fun too.  Gianna thinks it’s awesome, too.  We might just have to buy it!
  • I will be celebrating the end of 2011 with my favorite blue eyed cutie while Mike is working – hopefully I stay awake until the ball drops!
  • Our house is de-christmas-afied. And I feel so much better. 
  • Now to tackle the rest of the clutter. I got the bathroom closet under control so far, baby steps, right?
  • Someone asked how you would describe 2011 in one word – for me, it’s rebuilding.  A lot of things were finished/started this year. How about you?
  • What is one goal you have for 2012?  I have a few, but the biggest one is to stick to our budget so we can save/pay off a few things faster.  I’m thinking Dave Ramsey style.  What is one goal you have for this year?
  • I also want to be better at blogging – I have been sucking at balancing being a wife/mom/full time employee/small business owner/friend etc.  so I guess I hope to get that balance figured out, finally.
  • Overall, 2011 hasn’t been as crappy for me as it has been for a lot of my friends, but has had it’s moments, for sure.  Here’s to a 2012 filled with growth, happiness, love and laughs for everyone.



Danifred said...

I heard Just Dance is awesome! I desperately need to do my New Year's post, but here I am, 8:00 at night and still trying to catch up on blogs from 3 days ago *sigh*

alison said...

Blessings for your family this year! xo

Mazzy said...

Glad you enjoyed your last week of the year!! 2011 was a huge change in things for your life, crazy.

I'm working on just going with the flow in 2012. I heard a message the other day that said "the safest place in the world to be is in God's will" and it was such a profound thing... I clearly see that I need to focus only on what HIS will is and everything will fall in to place. Easier said the done, yes? Worth trying for sure, though.

Prayers for a wonderful 2012 for you and your family!