Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love Him

If you have been around my piece of the blogger world for awhile, you know that my marriage has not always been rainbows and sunshine. 

But as much as we struggled, we have been working even harder to make things awesome between us.  I can’t tell you the one thing that we did that “worked”, or any secrets to get your marriage through a rough patch – at least not anything besides constant, open, communication.  Figure out how each of you talks and listens and loves, and make an effort to play to your partner’s needs as much as you can.

But I can tell you that I miss him during the day, he gives me butterflies and I just love him.

Mike stays home with Gianna while I go to work, and then most nights, when I get home, he is going to work.  It’s a busy life, but it works for us.

He is such an awesome stay at home dad.  He paints fingernails, goes to story time, takes her out to lunch and keeps the house tidy (most of the time!). He cooks dinner, makes me smile and is seriously such an amazing dad.

We are in a place we probably have never been right now and it’s terrific.  We understand each other, he lets me cry each month we aren’t pregnant, admits that I can be a little neurotic with the TTC process but listens when I need to talk (and reminds me to take my temp in the morning), makes me laugh, makes me feel beautiful, is my best friend (no really, he is) and he just makes my heart happy.

We have changed a lot in the almost 12 years we have been together, we have changed even more over the course of our almost 5 year marriage and have grown and loved each other more in the last year than I can hardly believe. It’s really unbelievable in a good way.

I’ve learned to let go of the baggage and just love him. And to let him love me.



JenM said...

I want to hit the like button for this post. Beautiful post about your husband and your marriage!

Danifred said...

Beautiful post! Love to see so much love.

Jenn said...

You've just written the best advice I could ever give newleyweds! Once I learned how to love my husband the way he needed to be loved (and vice versa), our marriage went from good to great! So glad you're in such a wonderful place with him!

Mazzy said...

Love, love, love this. I am so glad to hear things are going well. I am HUGE believer that if the marriage isn't priority one and things are good between he and I, then nothing else in our lives will work well. Gotta be a TEAM and then kick a$$ together, right?