Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deserving Eyes: Glasses, the necessary accessory

I have worn glasses since I was 3.
That is 23 years.
Minus about 6-12 months in sixth grade when I HAD to have contacts and then realized how much I hated them.

Back to the glasses.  Each of my eyes has a pretty much opposite prescription, as in, one sees far and one sees close.  I have a pretty small face (big brain, though, lets not be mistaken) so most frames look ridiculous on me.  And, in case you didn't know - glasses can be spendy.

I used to get one pair of eyeglasses every year or two until I found out about ZENNI Optical.

They are an online glasses manufacturer and retailer, they sell their own high quality frames with lens for a GREAT price.  The prices are so reasonable, you can get a pair to match every outfit and a pair of sunglasses as a bonus.

You pick the frames you like (use the  ZENNI frame fit and you can virtually try them on!), enter in your prescription and click order!  It is seriously so easy.  The hard part is picking just one (or five) pairs you like.

I have ordered from ZENNI twice and been more than happy with the price point, customer service and ordering process (remember my 2 different eyes? they always double check with me to ensure I entered my information right since that is a totally weird thing to see in a glasses rx) and WAY more than happy with the quality of the glasses I received.  I am generally hard on my glasses, so it's great to have a durable pair that will hold up (that I can SEE out of!) but that I can match to my outfit!  I believe I currently have 6 pair of glasses from ZENNI on my dresser right now, one in my car and one pair on my face.

Glasses are the best necessary accessory on the block, I recommend them to everyone!

**I was compensated by PayPerPost for the content in this post, however the opinions are 100% mine and I really truly do adore ZENNI - I even posted about my love for them way before this opportunity came along!*

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