Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning Reveal

At 2 years and 8 months, we were able to see the magic of Christmas through her eyes.  Everything that we did this holiday season was THE COOLEST EVER and she was just so into it.


She asked Santa for a Belle baby doll and for a dollhouse.  Good thing Santa has good listening ears, because she was a pleasantly pleased little girl on December 25th.


Belle was a huge hit!


Santa was good to mommy (external flash for my camera!) and daddy (beats by dre, studio ed!) too, because he allowed us to provide a pretty spectacular Christmas for our girl (and each other) that was so much more than gifts under the tree. 

And that was just Christmas at our house.  Our families spoiled us to the max this year, more on that a little later.

More than any other year, I am feeling very blessed for where we are in our lives.  I am even more aware this year as well, of our 3’ tall, blue eyed, talkative blessing because she lights up my world every single day.  And I am hopeful that we will have another blue-eyed babe with us next year at this time.



Mazzy said...

Just LOVED our Christmas this year, too. These girls are AMAZING and make life so much darn fun.

I love all the photos, she is precious and I am so glad she so thoroughly enjoyed her Christmas!!

alison said...

Love it! "HE GOT ME A DOLLHOUSE!" made me giggle. She's the best!

We were at my mom's on Christmas day and my freaking camera battery died as we were coming up the steps, so I just have to sear that memory into my brain. It was cute but he didn't "get it" nearly as well as G did. :)