Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • It’s the day before, the day before, Christmas. How nuts!
  • We are taking G here tonight – I think it will be fun!
  • It’s been a long few weeks at work, but I am off until Tuesday, so yay!
  • Why do kids nap, for longer than normal, when you have plans?
  • We have to clean out the play room tonight. THAT should be entertaining…
  • I started clearing out my friends list on FB – what a PIA that is, why is it so tedious?
  • Mike says I never post anything fun on my blog
  • What the hell does he know?
  • My cycle this month is again, totally screwed up. Fantastic.
  • BUT! I can have baileys in my coffee on christmas morning, so hey, that’s fun.
  • My girlfriend started selling Mary Kay and I had a workshop for her this week – it was really fun. And I am trying foundation primer, and I like it!
  • Mike made cookies with Gianna today while I was at work, he is the best ever.
  • I don’t usually have my nails painted because I am too lazy to take off the polish when it starts to chip. Consider my nails a hot mess right now.
  • Are you ready for the christmas madness? Giddy up!


thanks to Danifred for hosting, as usual!

1 comment:

Danifred said...

Our kids totally nap the longest when we have somewhere to go (of course).
I also started doing some FB cleaning. It just feels good.