Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Cawfee Talk

More fun from Rebecca (and an easy way to get some blogging done!)

1.  How was your week?

Every week for the past too many weeks has been busy. this week I got to have dinner with friends and socialize, so that was really nice.

2.  What was the one thing you wanted to get done this weekend? 

this past weekend?! Not one clue.

3.  Did you get it done?

see above.

4.  What is one popular holiday "tradition" that you will just never understand?

there are so many….but I had never heard of “st nick” day or whatever it is until this year. I was like, why is everyone talking about shoes…

5.  Is there a gift that you bought for someone this Christmas that you're totally nervous about?

nah, not really. there are several I am really excited about though!

6.  Are you going to be able to attend church services this year?

We are not.  I didn’t know church was going to be on friday night, and we have plans already.

7.  What are you wearing right now?  If you house burned down and you had to run outside, do you look acceptable enough to be interviewed by the local news??

cut-off sweat pants, tshirt and a hoodie.  I would be okay, but I would be cold!

and, since I am a slacker – more!

  1. What is your favorite holiday television special?


  1. When you buy new underwear, do you wash it first?

I don’t. gross? Maybe, but whatever.

If you could live anywhere for 6 months, where would it be?

Venice. For sure.

What is your least favorite meal of the day and why?

Dinner because it is ALWAYS a fight with the little ruler of the house. And frustrating. And just generally unenjoyable.

Do you think that people who wear fingerless gloves look homeless?

I wear them. Function over fashion, maybe?

Are you a texter?  Or a talker?

Generally, a texter these days. But sometimes you just need to talk it out.

Have you been naughty?  Or nice

Only time will tell!


*please note, 2 posts in one NIGHT! It’s a christmas miracle!

**please also note: if I kept up on blog reading, I would have put these 2 posts together in one. Am a huge slacker. But am also caught up on blogs, even if I didn’t comment on them all like usual.


Danifred said...

I asked for fingerless gloves this year and I can't wait to use them!

Anonymous said...

From a girl from the south with no use for gloves...please explain the purpose of fingerless ones?

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I have never seen ELF! I must get on that. I kind of loathe Wil Ferrel though ;)

I find the the fingerless gloves makes dealing with little ones so much gloves getting caught in car seat buckles, you can wipe mouths without ruining your gloves, and you can, love, love!