Sunday, June 12, 2011

LeanGreenYOU Bootcamp–Week 1

Also titled: holy shit I am in a bikini on the internet.

(you have been warned)

I am SO excited to work with Jennifer McCay and the other bootcamp participants over the next 6 weeks as we learn how to live a more healthy life as busy moms and lose some weight in the process.

Normally, I am not a internet-video watcher, but this? THIS is amazing! Jennifer has prepared videos of the week’s lessons for participants to watch each week. And to boot, there are documents that I can print out & use all the time for reference and to keep me in check.

The big goal of this week is goal setting (or benchmarks) and focused on eating – especially what to eat & the importance of adding one healthy meal (breakfast) to each day. This.Is.So.Hard.For.Me since I drink coffee for breakfast usually. But you know what? I feel so much better, more awake and more energized when I eat oatmeal (with my coffee, am not totally crazy). It’s not like I didn’t know breakfast was a big deal, but I guess I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was.

I am going to weigh in every week, but really it’s the size of my clothes/how they fit that matter to me.

So. here it is. Thunderthighs & muffintop in all their glory. (please ignore the messy bedroom)


Day 1/Week1 June 12, 2011

Hold me accountable because I am going to need it!

If you are a part of the leangreenYOU bootcamp, I’d LOVE to hear how it’s going for you! the more accountability I can have – the better! I’d love to hear from you regardless, though!



JJ said...

You look amazing already!!!!

But I know its also about making healthier choices and feeling stronger. You are gonna do great!

Mel said...

I've been body obsessed for years. I find that finding the proper food balance is vastly more important than anything else. Really, eat sensibly and OFTEN. Several small meals a day. And? If it's "REAL" food like fruits, veggies, etc, you can eat as much as you want and never worry about it. It is the processed crap you have to stay away from.

I hope you enjoy your bootcamp. I love these types of challenges. But seeing as how I am weighty with an extra 30 lbs of human (YES, all THIRTY LBS ARE HER), I will have to join you later.

PS-You do already look great. Your husband is likely chasing you around the house in circles after you take this picture.