Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In which I tell the internet about my daughter’s potty habits

Gianna got a potty around her 2nd birthday and we have been half-assed teaching her what is supposed to go on there.

She did great when she felt like it.

And the “when she felt like it” part was just getting annoying to me. So I decided last week we are just going to do it. Many of my friends have RAVED about this 3 day potty training method.

I checked it out. But already had my own plan in my mind. I sort of did a combo of the “official” 3 day method and my own random thoughts.

So we bought the underwear. Bought a few prizes. {she doesn’t get anything but a giant celebration for going on the potty, no gummies, no m&m’s, no stickers. what can I say? I’m mean!} {{she likes when people make a BIG FUCKING DEAL out of anything she does though, so this works for her}} And went for it.

We started by having her help me “throw away” all of the diapers in her room. We then put all her underwear in the diaper basket and she picked out a pair to wear.

6.26  (6)

The first day, naturally there were accidents. But we stayed positive. Gave her a lot to drink. And said probably 402124022x ‘Make sure to tell Mommy & Daddy when you have to go potty”. She started to catch on at the end of the day.

Since I “threw away” all the diapers – she couldn’t wear them to bed. And HOLY SHIT! She has yet to wake up wet – and she sleeps for long periods of time. {a whole other post to come on her wake-up process}

The next day we did more of the same. Excitement. Underwears. Clean up pee. Pee in the Potty!!!! Rinse. Repeat. The 2nd day was not as good as the first, like she was bored with the whole process. She did poop once in the potty and once in her underwear. (I threw those away…no seriously, I did) Overall, the 2nd day was worse but not as bad as I expected.

The third day – again, more of the same. More “tell us when  you have to go potty” repetition.

We played outside for a while, most of the time in just underwear and a t-shirt {KLASS} which was a nice change of pace from the movie-a-thon of the weekend.

6.27  (3)

She did AWESOME by the afternoon – told us when she had to pee before she actually started peeing and everything! (earned herself a chapstick!) But. She pooped in her underwear again and asked me to “change her diaper”. This was close to bedtime so we talked about how she HAD to tell mommy when she had to pee AND poop. She told me she had to pee and poop in the potty etc etc etc.

Today, at the suggestion of some friends, I took her underwear away. I could tell she was using them sort of as a crutch – like, once she felt them get wet, THEN she realized she should go to the potty.

6.28  (1)

It was all fun and games until she pooped on the floor. She ran to me and said OH NO! I POOPED! Wasn’t a HUGE deal, clean up wise, and I think she’s getting the message. She even went and peed on the potty by herself, no prompting, after that.

She will earn a trip to the zoo if she keeps up the good work today, or whatever day she has no accidents.

I was really nervous for this whole process, but I am really glad it’s almost over – it’s not as bad as I anticipated – even if she is one of the most stubborn girls I know.

Also? I am glad we just went for it – beating around the bush was getting us nowhere fast.

Tips I have to pass on from my own experience:

  • Ditch the diapers. Its crazy, I know, but I don’t think we would be successful at all if she knew they were there. We don’t do pull-ups either.
  • Don’t say “do you have to go?” because they WILL say no, natch. By reminding her to tell us when she has to go, she is recognizing that feeling and the subsequent action.
  • We also don’t make her “try”. It became a power struggle, and I’m not willing to fight with her on it.
  • Stay positive – even when they have an accident. I also have her “help” me clean up – not as punishment, just as a natural consequence. I always am sure to say “you aren’t in trouble” also.
  • Drink wine. Or whatever alcoholic bevey you prefer.

Hopefully the progress continues and I can leave my house soon…. I am totally petrified to go to the store or anywhere, for that matter. But I know she’ll be okay. I just don’t know if I will!


I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post about potty training. I am sure that was on the “I won’t ever” list…..


PJ said...

Oh. God.
I am so not looking forward to that! I have some pretty strong willed little girls...

I can see us doing a half assed attempt at it also. Just like with the sippy cup. I swear today Lauren flung the cup across the room and cussed at me. Fail, fail, fail!!!

Seems like she's getting the hang of it though! Good job with the being all positive!

Mel said...

You're brave.

'Nuff said.

Hope she figures it out SWIFTLY and this is just a thing of the past for you soon.


alison said...

Yay! I'm so glad this went easily for you guys! :) We're exact opposites in that I'm completely ok with leaving the house with B, he's freaked out about public bathrooms so he'll hold it until we get home, but I'm now petrified of having him sleep in undies at night, after we had a regression week last week and I washed his sheets 4200 times. Fundies for naps are ok though. He is weird. :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I agree with you about the "trying." It does turn into a huge power struggle.

My Crazies still wake up with FULL diapers, so they aren't ready for overnight nothingness yet...what can I say? They're pissas! LOL

Danifred said...

So awesome for her. So awesome for you! Big girl :)