Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Notes on Disney edition

  • I hate the week after vacation, it always feels so disorganized.
  • We used the Disney Dining Plan on our trip and I can not emphasize enough how AWESOME this was. And what a HUGEEEEE savings it was. We paid for 3 days worth of meals what 1 character breakfast would have cost.
  • However, when you are going to use the dining plan – don’t forget to make ALL of your table service reservations WELL BEFORE you leave…. I forgot to do one of ours.
  • The good thing about that was we were able to change it over to a quick service meal.
  • We will definitely be doing it again.
  • We also be staying on property again because that convenience and the experience of it all was GREAT! And cost wise, it was not any more than staying off property.
  • I am thankful that I am a picture taker because the pictures we got from the Disney people STUNK! There is not a single one that I will be buying, they were just really awful.
  • One word of advice and something I never considered – bring something to entertain your small child while waiting in line. That is SO boring and you know, the whole toddler-patience-the-length-of-a-sneeze thing doesn’t help.
  • My movie fanatic wanted NOTHING to do with the DVD player on the airplane. It was interesting trying to keep her entertained. The flight to Italy should be….well….LONG!
  • If you can do it, go for a whole week and really spread out your days at the parks – it is so overwhelming (and hot!) that taking a trip back to the hotel to swim/chill/nap is amazing. I wish we would have had the time in our schedules to stay longer than we did.
  • Mentally I am already planning when we can go back – probably not until late 2012 at the very very earliest – and what babysitter family members can come with us.
  • It was fantastic, but Disney is exhausting by nature. Totally doable and not at all overwhelming, though. The memories we made were AMAZING and worth every minute.


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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I like the meal plan idea...can you share the website that you used?

Also, what age do you think would be the best for a trip to Disney? Everyone says to do it before they come out of the Princess phase, but I also want them to walk the majority of the parks as well as handle the patience part...what do you think? Four? Five?

Danifred said...

It sounds like it was amazing. I love hearing about everyone else's experiences there. I'll be well informed by the time it's our turn.

April said...

I can not WAIT to take Hunter to Disney. I've been as an adult a few times, before kids, but I'm so eager to go this time as a mommy and to be able to see it through his and Avery's eyes!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Danifred. With so many peeps going now, I will know all the inside scoop before we go!

Mel said...

We were certain we'd be going this year, too. Until the tiny human inside of me came along and just put a dash of unpredictability in to everything. I know we'll get there someday, though. I am so glad you guys had fun--thank you so much for sharing. And for anyone else who is thinking about going, Costco offers MARVELOUS deals on Disney vacation packages.