Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 parents, 1 2-year old “princess” & the happiest place on earth


We are back from Disney, I have gone through the 700+ pictures and Gianna is slowly recovering from her vacation hang-over.

Overall experience = A++


Gianna’s first airplane ride was likely harder on Mike & I than it was on her – she enjoyed the suckers. could care less about the dvd player & colored a lot. She also did not want to sit in her own seat, which was the hardest part. (the way home, was a little different. more on that later)


We stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter and we were SO SO SO happy with it.

The resort is small (5 buildings) & compact with access via boat to Port Orleans Riverside (a HUGE resort by comparison) and Downtown Disney. It was it’s own stop via the Disney Transportation system which was a HUGE benefit to us. We stayed in building #4 and had a 2 second walk to the bus stop & a 1 minute walk to the pool/restaurant.

The pool was great. There was a slide for big kids & a wading pool for the wee ones.


We had 2-day park hopper tickets & participated in the Disney Dining Plan (separate post about food coming next).

The reason we came to Disney with a 2 year old was so she could see the princesses. And that is just what we did.


She met Mary Poppins & got a big kiss from her.


She met Princess Aurora (twice!)


And Belle. Which was by far the most magical experience. (she also met her in her fancy yellow dress!)


Of course, her beloved Cinda-lella.


And Tiana! And Prince Navine too.


Naturally, there were Minnie & Mickey sitings.


And some time to hang out with Tink.


She rode some rides, saw the sites, thoroughly wore herself out every day and it was really totally a GREAT vacation. We are already talking about when we can go back!


Look for a do’s/don’t’s/wish I had known post later this week.


Julia Lynn said...

I'm SO glad you all had a great time!!! Love the pictures! What precious moments :-)

Julia Lynn said...
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Anonymous said...

SUPER FUN! I thought 2 might be too young, but looks like it wasn't. Glad you all had fun!

JJ said...

So glad you all had a fantastic "magical" time--those pictures with Belle are so super sweet.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Just so adorable...Hailey is jealous!

Danifred said...

I love the pure joy on her face. I can't wait to take our girls!

alison said...

love love it!!