Monday, June 20, 2011

Big girl stuff

As I come to terms with the fact that my peanut baybee is QUICKLY becoming my peanut BIG GIRL(!!!) I have to come to terms with all the things big girls do – like pee on the potty and sleep in big girl beds.

So, mom’s of BIG GIRL’S (& BOYS!)! Here come the questions:

We have been toying around with potty training and I fully intend on doing the 3 day no diaper method in the very near future. She pees on the potty almost every time she sits on it and uses as a bargaining chip and a stall tactic – I would say she’s ready to go for it.

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Me? Probably not so much!

The question here? I don’t really have one (yet) just moral support and stories of “this worked for me”. Or good wine recommendations….

The next big girl step? Is the big girl bed. G is SO SO ready for this transition, but she does great in her crib still and I like knowing she is in one spot all snug and safe. Also? I feel like when the crib is gone, there’s no turning back – she is a full-fledged big kid!

I am working on getting the actual bed/bedding (okay, G picked some of it out)/d├ęcor and all that under wraps. But in the meantime let me talk to you about our space issue and get your thoughts, since you all are the experts.

Right now, we have a playroom. That room will become Gianna’s room and I have NO IDEA what to do with all the shit toys in there. I think we will leave her dress up clothes in her room, and her books, but I don’t know that I want her to have lots of toys distractions in her room. Thoughts on toys in a toddler’s room? My first instinct is to take them all out of there, but then we are back to the space/storage issue. What do you do? All ideas on this topic are welcome.

Also any tricks or tips at keeping toddlers in their beds would be awesome, I want to have some back-up plans in place!

Big girl-dom, here we come……



Anonymous said...

Put her in panties and never look back. That's what we did for Cae and she's been an ace now. Never even worried about a certain three day method, just panties only. She had one accident overnight the second night, said she felt gross and never had another one. Absolute aces. Panties, all the way.

Toys in the bedroom have never been a problem for us. Now, we have staying in bed issues, but never has it been because she wants to play with something. We told her that toys need rested, too (helps that she loves Toy Story and probably assumes that her toys come to life, also lol) and she has never messed with them. I wouldn't worry about it. If it becomes an issue, install wall shelves, and use them as vertical storage. Always an idea.

Staying in bed, we have struggled with for a while. She more gets up because she is thirsty/needs to go potty/is awakened by something. I have no advice. Invest in a bed tent, I guess, if it becomes a problem. We never did that, but talked about it. Which led her to become a rockstar overnight (of course).

Gooood luck! Welcome to the Mommies of Big Girls Club!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

congrats on all the big girl stuff. Put her in underpants. That worked for us but it did take a while.

We have toys in the toddlers room. He used to play when he was suppose to be sleeping but he did it quietly. He would actually fall asleep on the floor sometimes. I would just put him back in bed. Now he plays a little in his bed.

Good luck.

Danifred said...

We have a few toys in each of the girls rooms, but nothing too much.
We struggled keeping Bean in her bed, but somehow it just worked itself out. I don't know any great advice in this department. For us, it just always sort of happened (in a daze, of course).

Mel said...

I'm not sure about the potty training. We've had some interest here and we let her sit on the potty a lot and talk about it naturally, but she hasn't fully grasped the concept just yet. With another coming along so soon, I am just not pushing. I'm probably naive, but I kinda think it'll just "click" one day (like everything else seems to have) and we'll know.

We transitioned to a full sized bed directly from the crib on her 2nd birthday. She's done wonderfully. I think this whole thing of moving beds has a LOT to do with their personality. L doesn't test limits, so she's been a dream in the real bed. I do NOT allow any toys on the floor of the bedroom ever. Everything she gets, like stuffed animals and books, etc, are all put in bed with her. She has no shortage of them, either. So, basically, there is no incentive to get out of bed. The doors are all kept closed with knob covers and a baby gate at the main door. Can you pick up toys at night time and lift them out of reach or in a closet? I think you just have to go for it and see what she does. I got a pair of guardrails on amazon for cheap, I def recommend that if you're moving to a real bed. She would def fall out of bed without them.

Sara said...

Once you go to underwear, you cannot go back! Yay for big girls :) You'll both do great and think of the money you'll save without diapers to buy!

AFA toys in her room, my kiddo, with all his boy hyper-ness does pretty well with toys in his room at night. If she gets out, just put her back and tell her it's time to rest. She'll get it.

Good luck!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I'm going for big beds while I'm away at my mother's house. There just isn't enough room to put the mattresses on the floor in our house. By the time we get back, Husband will have removed the fronts from their cribs and we'll hope for the best!

I'm also going to try rolled up towels at the edges so they won't roll right off of them...I see many sleepless nights during my stay in NY!

aunt jacqui said...

Did you get consent from Gianna to put a picture of her on the potty on the internet??? When she gets older she will look back and laugh about all the pics you take/ post!

alison said...

Potty training is low-stress if you let her lead the way. You'll be able to tell pretty quickly if she's ready and into it (and it sounds like she is!).

The bed thing will be such a non-issue for the first 2 months or so (and then she'll realize oh hey! I can get out of this thing by myself!).

Room-wise, I would hiiiighly recommend taking all the toys out of her room. The only thing in B's room is his basket of stuffed animals, his bed, and his dresser. But there's the storage issue... we deal with that too. All of the toys are in our family room, but we have them put away in one of these storage things

It's AWESOME because he can see what he's looking for without dumping a big toybox out. We also have a bookshelf and his table and chairs... and that's it. Honestly, we don't have a ton of toys. I try to pare things down to the stuff he really plays with.

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!