Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confessions of a (insert age here) women: ADM bloghop style

It’s my turn to host the small but mighty ADM bloghop this month – I don’t care if you know what ADM stands for or not, feel free to join on in (and contribute topics!)!  Links will be open from Thurs-Sun each week. 
This week’s topic is an easy one:
Confessions of a (insert age here) women
a nod to my confessions of a toddler mom post from the other week, I made some, shall we say interesting, realizations the past few weeks. I thought I would over share with you, my special internet friends.
Confessions of a 20-something women:
  • I used to hate leggings for anyone over the age of 5. Until I bought a pair. Now I am mercilessly searching for something else to wear them with.
  • I will not buy into the jeggings though. Or pajama jeans or whatever. I have boundaries.
  • I literally jumped for joy in the middle of Rite Aid over the amount of money I saved with my coupons. You guys – I saved 2x what I spent, it was epic.
  • Some days I just want my mommy, especially when I don’t feel good.
  • I can no longer live without coffee. And also jumped for joy when I saw that coffeemate has new flavors out.
  • When did I become so damn exciting?
  • In college, I was most productive in the middle of the night. Now? Most productive at nap time. And again between the hours of 10p and 12am. Except I do considerably worse functioning on little sleep.
  • You know what else used to happen in the middle of the night in college (besides studying and alcohol consumption)? Sex.
  • You know what happens at nap time* but not usually between the hours of 10pm and 12 am? Sex. Because I do not have the energy by the time the middle of the night rolls around.
  • Told you I would over share.
  • I have actually gotten WORSE at returning phone calls (sorry, friends).
  • I can’t even REMEMBER that someone called me or emailed me or whatever half the time and it comes to my damn phone. Not real sure what I am busy remembering instead…but I feel all guilty about my forgetfulness.
  • Some days, I don’t even feel like texting (I know, GASP!). I do it anyway, of course, I just don’t always like it.
  • I am very comfortable talking in front of large groups of people I don’t know, but I always get nervous when I have to call someone I don’t know. So weird.
  • I like wine. A lot. Beer? Eh, only if it is hot outside.
  • And, with that, I have officially turned in to my mother. Minus the ability to fall asleep on the couch.
Okay, now who's next?

*please do not be fooled, by naptime I mean only on the days that begin with S.
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Kakunaa said...

LOL. I won't be able to join in this week, but I LOVE your list. I am also my mother...minus the ability to clean the house, LOL. How does that happen???

The Sourwine's said...
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Rebecca said...

Yum yum, wine! How I love thee (and miss you sometimes)!

I, too, have a pair of leggings, but I am sorely hurting for something to wear with them...on top and for footwear. I need Stacey and Clinton!

You are damn exciting...don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Sara said...

I too have a new found fondness for leggings!

Danifred said...

I don't own a single pair of leggings, but only because I've never made the effort to find some.
I love a good beer. I mean, really love.