Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: another freaking snowstorm ed

  • I am over winter. Like totally and completely DONE. The freak ice/snow/thunder snow storm of last night and today has put me over the edge.
  • I feel like it has snowed more this winter than it has in a long time, probably has something to do with the huge snow storms starting in December rather than Jan/Feb. Ick.
  • Loving the comments from yesterdays parenting challenges post – feel free to link up!
  • Speaking of linking! I did a guest post for Lindsay about ebates – check it out!
  • I received Gianna’s birthday invites in the mail today. She saw them and said “ooooo Gianna’s cuuute!”
  • Imaginations are running wild around here, I love to see her playing pretend.
  • This jewelry business is a pretty good gig, I wish I could share it with everyone.
  • Signed up for Amazon Mom so that I could get cheap wipes. Holy crap, I ordered them in the afternoon one day and had them before 10am the next day! Love that!
  • My eyebrows are in desperate need of attention.
  • So is my hair.
  • For some reason I had a lot to say this morning and now, it’s all lost.
  • Have leftovers you need to spill? Join Danifred & co for FNL!



JJ said...

Told ya--just send that snow here :) We are dealing with MAJOR winds today. Ugh.

Rebecca said...

We did the Amazon mom thing (well, Husband did) and it's awesome!!!

Danifred said...

We managed to see snow over the weekend (on our trip) and then drive home to 65 degree weather. What a tease!

Mel said...

AMAZON MOM WHORE here. I love it. I buy everything I can from there. I am not sure about you, but it is sales tax free in Texas and the free 2 day shipping makes me tingle with joy.