Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • It’s friday! I am excited for my weekend, 3 jewelry shows and a husband who will be home on Saturday night!
  • It is also in the FIFTY’S!! This is a YOUGE deal here in NEO for Feb. I mean, sure it will be back to freezing ass cold by Sunday, but we are enjoying the ability to have the door open and wear skirts without tights today!
  • My mom is the greatest bargain finder who ever did live. She bought Gianna a bunch of new shirts (including fleece pullovers!) and new shoes for $0.63! Holy crapola, you can’t get things used from Goodwill for that price! She also got a freaking awesome new coat for next winter for like $4! She is my idol.
  • Operation take pictures for Gianna’s birthday invites occurred this week. Was successful! I just need to get them to my awesome friend Alison so we can finish the invites!
  • I really like Disney Junior.
  • Gianna lost her shit when Mike showed her a PICTURE of “Cinda-le-la”. I almost cried. I can’t freaking wait for May to get here!!
  • Starting to get stuff together for the classes I am going to teach. Starting to get nervous about it, but must.stay.confident!
  • I am doing Project 365 again this year and a) am woefully behind in posting pictures and b)I think I accidently skipped 2 days. Oops.
  • Our taxes might possible be almost finished after 5 days of working on them. Must have my accountant* review them.
  • Have been feeling very “off” lately, like I can’t keep  my head on straight most days. It’s actually starting to piss me off because I am forgetting important things.
  • The sun is out, before my crazy afternoon starts I believe we shall play outside.
Play along with Danifred!! It’s fun. Bullet points rock.

*my accountant = my mom.


alison said...

Hooray for nice weather! It's supposed to be warmish this weekend here too, but rainy off and on, boo. And of course after it was SEVENTY yesterday, it's supposed to be 30 next weekend for B's party. Oye.

p.s. that link takes you to someone else's blog. Not that I care. :) Mine is

CanadianMama said...

Found your blog through Danifred! And yeah, your mom is amazing! I love a deal and that's especially impressive!

The Tompkins Family said...

That is insane bargain shopping! She should teach courses!!

Carrie27 said...

How and where did she go for such deals?! That is aaaaamazing!

Stopping over from FNL.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like your Mom is kind of saving your ass this week ;) j/ Moms!!!

Great deals, playing outside, forgetting important shit? Sounds kind of nice to me!

Manda said...

Stopping by from FNL... I am woefully behing in uploading pics to my 365 project too.

JJ said...

I havent felt on my game for a few days, hence my lack of commenting-so I am sorry about that.

Hope both of us feel back on track soon :)

Anonymous said...

Winter coat regular price 49.95 paid $3.50 ------ love, mom

Danifred said...

I've been meaning to check out Disney Jr. and keep forgetting. Imagine that, I'm forgetful... sheesh. Maybe being "off" is going around?!?

Mel said...

Alison did our invites, too. We're having an Olivia the pig themed party complete with RED EVERYTHING. I love how the invites turned out so much, you won't be disappointed.

We love Disney Jr, too! Rocking it every morning these days.