Thursday, February 17, 2011

Siblings and such

It’s bloghop time again (is anyone besides me even doing this thing? NO? You should, help a sister out. riiight down there, blog and link. you CAN do it!) – and this week’s topic is one near and dear to my heart.

Sibling relationships.

Yours, theirs, your life without siblings, your children's lives with siblings. However you want to interpret it.

It is not a secret that I have two sisters. But really I have four sisters. One twin sister, three younger sisters (one whole, two step). Sisters rock, we get to borrow clothes and shoes, gossip and laugh, eat and drink etc. etc. etc. I am not nearly as close with my stepsisters, we have pretty great relationships, probably because we were all older when our parents got married, I am not going to talk much about them in this post but I love them just the same.


cori is in the green dress, ashlee is in the black hoodie.

My “real” sisters? They are my best friends. I mean that in every sense of the term. I talk to them a million times a day, I count on them for everything and nothing, I love them a million times more than I could ever explain.

I didn’t always like being a twin, it was annoying. Everyone refers to you as “the twins”. Very frustrating, since you know, we have NAMES and we looked NOTHING alike! But she has always been there for me even when I didn’t want her to be, we are complete and total opposites, but opposites attract, right? She is there for all the big stuff, little stuff and in between stuff. She lives about 40 minutes away and it feels VERY VERY FAR sometimes, we should really live next door to each other.

1.17  (3)

me and my twinie

My younger sister, I REALLY was not her biggest fan when we were growing up, she is 6 years younger than me and well, she was the typical annoying little sister. Then I went to college and I missed her. And she grew up. And is an amazing women now. We look a LOT alike, people usually think we are twins. I see her everyday and am usually sad on the days I don’t. She should one day live on the other side of me.

11.25  (11)

me and the little “untwinie'”. I look awful, so focus on her.

The relationships we have? I pray every  night that when Gianna (fingers crossed) has a sibling, brother or sister, they experience the same closeness. It’s better than any other friendship I have experienced because it is the best of both worlds – family and friend. Sometimes it can get annoying, but it is fleeting. I always have someone I can count on, go get dinner with, shop with, bitch to, laugh with and just be ME. Who could ask for more?


*I just have to say that I do not want more children just to give her a sibling, I want more children because I feel a void in my family. There is NOTHING wrong with having only one child, or no children, for that fact.


alison said...

I will do it! But I'll have to schedule it to post tonight. :)

alison said...

Ack, hit enter too soon. Your fam is so cute! So happy for you that you and your seesters are so close, that's an awesome gift!

Mel said...

I love hearing this, seeing as how I am about to embark on my first experience with "sisterhood" for MY girl(s). Saying that is still SO SURREAL right now... thankfully I still have about 22 more weeks for it to sit in with me.

I had 2 younger brothers growing up and we were never (and still are not) close. Especially my middle brother and I, we were mortal enemies as children and TO THIS DAY I ask my mom if she is sure we are blood relatives. I made my own "sibling" for myself by picking an awesome best friend and we have zero secrets. She is my sister.

Rebecca said...

Love sisters!!! That's the only regret I have about not having any other kids is that I won't be giving Hailey a sister and they're so freaking awesome!!!!

Sara said...

Sisters are great! Brothers are pretty cool too :)