Monday, February 21, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday

I have 2 moments to share, visit Lori to read about other perfect moments.

I was joking around with Mike yesterday, telling him about some silly things that Gianna had said/done during the day (she is full of hilarious these days) and he just looked at me with a really sincere look on his face and said “you were made to be a mom”. That was the biggest compliment he has ever given me. I can say one thing for sure, made to be a mom or not, this is the hardest most rewarding challenge I have ever had the pleasure of doing.

Today was full of both frustration and laughter. Gianna was being a normal toddler and ignoring at least half of the things I said to her this morning. But all of a sudden she walks into my office from the living room where she was “reading” (which is one of the cutest things EVAH!) and says “I kiss you mommy”, gave me a big kiss and walked away. Cue melting.

How could a day be bad with her around?

Mike too, he makes most days pretty good!



Delenn said...

Those were definitely perfect moments! So wonderful to be appreciated and loved. (makes the bad days so much more tolerable!)

Esperanza said...

I love, loVE, LOVE both of those moments. Thanks for sharing!

Lavender Luz said...

These are beautiful moments. Love that Gianna "reads!"

alison said...

So sweet on both accounts! :)

Sorry I suck with the blog hop last week. I SO need to post something on mine! :)

Danifred said...

Love it!

Rebecca said...

Love the compliment from your husband...we all need that every now and then.

Oh, and we can never get enough reading kids or kisses!!!

Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

That is so sweet! xo

Jamie said...

A perfect moment from your husband AND your child - you can't beat it!!

Kathy said...

Andrea - Those are two awesome perfect moments! Thank you for sharing! :)

I am here via the links at the bottom of Lori's Perfect Moment Monday post this week... I haven't shared one yet, but am enjoying following the trail and am feeling my spirits lift (after a long and hard week) a bit more with each Perfect Moment I view.

Take care,
Kathy :)