Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine’s day traditions

It’s thursday, and that means it is ADM bloghop day!
This week’s topic, as suggested by Paige at Baby Dust Diaries is
What Valentine’s day traditions do you have, or have you started with your family?
Growing up, my mom (who rocks!) always made even the most insignificant days special by singing to us, putting candles in twinkies, making snack trays and doing so many things just because.  She also always made the teeny tiniest of holidays a big deal – special treats and little gifts wrapped up waiting for us in secret hiding places.

Before we got married, Mike and I did the typical date nights, over the top gifts and all that for and non-holiday. After we got married? We got each other cards…. (and sex…it is a holiday after all!)

Now that we are parents? I love to start fun traditions and want to carry on my mom’s knack for making every day special and the special days special-er. Last year G was 10 months old for Valentine’s day and Mike and I were on the brink of separation, I have no idea if I even acknowledged the day.

This valentine’s day? We got our craft on!

We made cards (with GLITTER!!) for everyone, G loves to “paint” the glitter. She also made some special crafts when she spent the night at Aunt Jacqui’s that we are going to give the grandparents!

As far as what WE are going to do? Someone had mentioned making the table really fancy for dinner – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!  We don’t have a lot of pink/red/fancy table fixings, but I am going to try and get some this weekend (or after V-day when they go on sale!!) and I think we will do heart shaped pancakes (what? she doesn’t eat anything else) with strawberries and a berry smoothie for dinner!

A great tradition in my opinion – fancy table for a non-fancy dinner and I am sure I will find a little something fun for her – maybe a new tutu or sunglasses or something.  I think as she gets older I will make a scavenger hunt!

Oh! and Mike! I got him a little something too!

Tell me about your valentine’s traditions and join our bloghop! (link open until 2/15!)


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Mel said...

My husband was ready to propose the week of Valentine's, but decided that he didn't want to whole cheese-factor of being the dude that proposed on Valentine's (more his thinking than mine!), so he waited until the following weekend and proposed on 2/19. We always celebrate that as OUR special love day. This year we are going out to Sonic and a movie.

I definitely want to do something special for the girl on V-Day though. I'm liking the idea of heart shaped pancakes and strawberries. She doesn't get candy yet, but I am sure to think of something sweet for her.

Your plans sound FUN!

Rebecca said...

Too cute!!! I love that!

Anonymous said...

Well since I leave the house at 6AM for work and the boys are not even awake then, I am making these on Sunday morning for breakfast. We are also making handmade Valentine's cards for his class' party on Monday. The cards are shaped like hearts, when opened shaped like flowers, but I'm going to let him put dinosaur stickers on them for his manly touch! :)

Danifred said...

Believe it or not, Bee and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day (my choice). I know we'll have to make some traditions for the girls, but they still don't quite know any better.

Anonymous said...

364 UN - Birthdays !!!!! Yay! Love Ya! Mom

Anonymous said...

I wonder what our mommy will get us this v-day!! Oh and I always get something for the dogs!! lol I guess I could get little G something too!

Sara said...

Are you going to share what Mike got? Love the Valentines cards idea, very cute!