Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picky Eaters on Vacation

We are a family of picky eaters.

Like EXTREME PICKINESS. I am the least picky of the three of us because I eat vegetables and seafood. All restaurants must serve chicken fingers, grilled cheese and/or pizza otherwise 2/3 of my family members won’t eat (sometimes a challenge, but everyone has chicken fingers!)

So, when we decided to go on vacation we would try to get some restaurant recommendations but figured we could wing it, it works most of the time.

In Myrtle Beach – it DOES NOT WORK.

If you are picky or do not like buffet-style dining – you should really research places to eat better than we did.  Also, you need to DRIVE to the restaurants, we sort of expected there would be more in walking distance.

My 3 favorite places we ate:

River City Cafe – the drinks were good. the atmosphere is beachy. My salad was FANTASTIC. The chicken fingers AND grilled cheese were a hit.

9.7  (46) 9.7  (51)

wayyy past naptime. obviously.

Dirty Dicks Crab House – the drinks were good. the crab ROCKED and the hushpuppies were to.die.for good.

9.8  (78)

it was WAYYYY past her bedtime. can you tell?

Mellow Mushroom – the drinks were good. the pretzels and pizza were gluten free and oh so yummy. my salad ROCKED again. (and it was 80’s night – so it HAD to be a winner ) (they don’t have a kids menu, which was fine for us since we rarely order off it, but they do have grilled cheese)

9.9  (224) 

the atmosphere here was really fun. HELLO, 80’s!!

The lessons we picky-three learned? Bring snacks for the wee-ones (she was entertained by 2 saltine crackers for 40 minutes. yes really.) and if there isn’t anything you like on the food menu there will definitely be something tasty on the drink menu.


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