Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Gianna is 17 months old. She talks NON STOP. In real words. She is starting to string words together. examples: morning. pool. kick kick kick. (in the morning we will swim, from vacation).  “piinsess peez” (tutu please).
  • The person who was supposed to be “covering” my job while I was gone – must have just covered herself in papers and took a nap because I have spent the last 40hrs of the work week catching up from LAST week. This week’s stuff? ya… not touched.
  • I work with very petty people. It is ridiculous. I have to try VERY hard to watch what I say. Especially lately. I need an hour to be “off the record” so I can say my peace and feel better.
  • How do you discipline your toddler? I am looking for ideas here on effective ways other than re-direction (we do that already) and time-outs.
  • Mike is in one of his best friends’ wedding today. I do not want to go. He is marrying a stripper. (yes really) It is going to be a train wreck. And I will have to be alone with my in-laws.  Hopefully they have good wine.
  • My sisters are seriously the sweetest people and the best aunts ev-ah.  They were in California last week and brought Gianna back so much fun stuff – minnie mouse ears on a headband (she LOVES her new “boat”), toys, books, coffee mugs, clothes.
  • Life this week has been boring compared to the excitement of the beach.  I am still in vacay-hangover mode, and I am not sure I want to get out of it!


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Rebecca said...

Stripper wedding and in-laws? You need to get "sick." Fer reals...

We use time-outs, but when things get really out of hand and they walk out of time-out repeatedly, they get a swat on the ass (and yes, I did just admit that on the internet...Heaven forbid)!

Rebecca said...

Oh...I also started giving stickers if they share without being told to or say thank you without being reminded.

Danifred said...

I love a good stripper wedding. I hope the dress was booty-licious. (yes, I really just typed that!)
I've got nothing else for discipline. We do positive reinforcement for Tot because it seems to be the only thing that stops her from doing something- we ignore her "bad" behavior and constantly reinforce her good.