Sunday, September 5, 2010

Only at the county fair….

This past week was the county fair.

Believe it or not - I LOVE the demolition derby.


So I reluctantly let my in-laws babysit. Put on my plaid shirt. Grabbed 20 of my favorite people (yes really) and had a really good time.


especially when the lawnmower derby was going on.

However. had I not let my in-laws babysit and decided to take my 16 month old princess to the demolition derby that started after her bedtime. I would not have been alone. There were at least 5 toddlers there. 1 infant with these huge ear-phone-thingies on and a few handfuls of preschoolers just in my section.

We took Gianna to the fair on Saturday. And since she didn’t have a plaid shirt, I put her in her jean skirt and this cute button up.

 8.28  (37)

She was comparing her outfit to the that of the sheep. She deemed hers superior, naturally.   

8.28  (3)

Papa tried to show her Zues, Aunt Cori’s horse. But she wanted no part of it.  She kept saying “Nooooo hoos-EEE”

8.28  (17)

Of course, she enjoyed the horsies from a far. And kept telling us the sound they make “heeee” complete with head shake. 

8.28  (23)

She let Gaama take her closer to Miss Maria’s horse, Ella. But still, uncertain. 

8.28  (59) 

Then there was the fair food.  The glorious grease and flavor we all look forward to at such events. Unless you are Gianna. She stuck with her Gerber crunchies and water.  I couldn’t get her to eat anything except those and a nutrigrain bar.  The one time I let her eat junk food, she doesn’t want it. I heard many kids screaming about wanting to eat food their parents wouldn’t buy them and mine was doing just the opposite. 

8.28  (72)8.28  (73)  

And. The good thing about being outside all day is how sleepy it makes the buglet.  she was comfy in her new stroller (seriously a GREAT purchase from and was in a GREAT mood all day.

Made me thankful for such a good kid when I saw all of the other…unique… fair-goers and their children.



Danifred said...

Looks like a great time! Fair food is my favorite- especially the funnel cakes!

renee said...

looks like everyone had a good time. that's a really cute pic of you and mike, btw. and you know i love the one of you and g.
yes, the fair ppl and their hellians, i mean their lovely, sweet, innocent children ;-)