Monday, September 27, 2010

It keeps getting better

I am writing this more for me than for you, but hey, feel free to eaves drop. 
Gianna is 17 months and 16 days old.
9.21  (7)
She is wearing 12-18 month clothes. Size 3 diapers. Size 5 shoes.
Normal bed time – 7p. 7:30 at the latest.
Normal wake up time – 7a
Still somewhere between 1 and 2 naps a day, but she needs at least 3hrs total of sleep in the day.
She loves to dance. and “shake shake”. and “sing'”.  Wearing her princess dresses (tutu’s) all at is the only way to do it.  She loves having her hair done and wearing “pretties”
9.5  (20)
Favorite TV shows (yes, she likes TV. whatever) – Sesame Street, Jack’s Big Music Show and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also likes Blue’s Clues.
9.18  (4)
Words? She’s got LOTS. And I know there is no way this is going to be a comprehensive list.  Right now she is pretty much the cutest parrot I have ever seen and she literally repeats everything.
Words she can say AND sign: please, thank you, more, all done
People: Moomeeee, Dadeeee, Jacqui, Sissy, Cori (all aunts, but without the aunt), Ga-ma, Papa
Things/random: dance, sing, knock-knock, shake-shake, pillow, tired, night-night, WOOBIEE (lovie), BINKIEE, cup, juice, strawberries, cookies, grapes, bananas, cereal, french fries, blanket, TEEBEEE, baby, princess, hat, boat (bow), hat, HAWWT, cold, tired, SHOOESSS, socks, clothes, pants, shirt, dress, socks, jump-jump, YELLLOWW?, bye-bye, WUB YOU, squeeeeezes, smooches, morning, kick-kick (swim), pool, LOOOOK, WOOOOWWW, keys, cook, shooot. Besss eeewww, thank you.
She knows and says pretty much every animal and the sound they make.
She knows most body parts. That "boats" go in her hair. And that her nose goes "peep" (beep). And so does yours. She also knows that Mommy wears glasses.
Tantrums and girlie drama – we got it. She will throw herself on the ground and scream and cry and kick until, well, forever if I let her.  She hits and kicks and throws things  and pulls her hair out when she is mad.  She knows she is not supposed to do that since she usually says “no kick” when she does it.  Timeouts don’t work well for her. Redirection kind of works. We are working on this. any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.
She LOVES the tubby-time.
She eats likes a bird – most breakfast foods are good. meat is bad. pasta and bread are worse. Fruit rocks her world. Veggies are not so awesome. She is still lactose intolerant. My mom and stepdad still sneak her food that I would never let her eat. It still pisses me off.
9.19  (5)
She loves being the center of attention and knows how to command an audience. Except she really doesn’t like to get too close to people she doesn’t know and we are working on social skills with other kids.
9.2  (14)
But really? She rocks my world. all the drama she likes to demonstrate is washed away by her adorable smile, infections laugh and to die for squeezes in no time at all.  Every day is better than last.
9.5 - labor day party  (57)


Kakunaa said...

She is beautiful and amazing :) thank you for sharing. I can't wait :)

JenM said...

Sweet post for a sweet girl! I am amazed at all of her words, and in person she seems so much older. She's such a cutie!

Suzy said...

I've never met anyone else who has a "woobie" thats what we call them too :)

She is adorable btw :)

Heather said...

Eek! Love all the pictures in this post, but especially that last one! too cute.

Isn't it amazing how much they can command an audience already? And the singing... love it!

JJ said...

Pinchable cheeks--just love her!
We are big fans of Jacks Big Music show here, too!

Danifred said...

Beautiful post. I am always amazed by how much I have forgotten over time. Entries like these are like gold!

Anonymous said...

Gianna --- quit telling mom about the "special" treats at Gama's!!!!