Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • We are going to the beach Monday. I am totally overwhelmed with what to bring, how G will do in the car/at the beach, if we can stay an extra night, what will she eat while we are there, will I look like a total tool in my bathing suite and how will I prevent sand from getting in my camera?
  • I have lots of pictures uploading. I want to be caught up before I overwhelm people with pictures from next week.
  • Football! I have to set up my fantasy team for this week. Woot.
  • I have an almost 17 month old parrot. She repeats EVERYTHING.  I mean EVERY.THING.  And it’s adorable but sometimes annoying.
  • My blackberry has been acting up something fierce. I fixed one problem only to exchange it for another.  Mike just got a DroidX and now, I want one because it’s powered by Google. And I love Google.
  • I am off work for 10 days. TEN DAYS! Not even working at home, like OFF WORK.  Can you tell I am excited and really needed the break?
  • I am boring this week. I have a few posts scheduled for next week so you won’t miss me too much.
  • Visit Danifred to see all the other leftovers from the week.



Danifred said...

Once you get to the beach, you'll forget all about everything you didn't pack or should have brought... it will be time to just relax.
I also have a BB and Bee has a Droid. I admit it, sometimes I wish I had gone down the Droid road. (Google rocks!)

Rebecca said...

Have fun @ the beach...I'll be there next Saturday!

Love the Droid!

If there was something in my house that repeated everything I said, I'd be in trouble...or I would have given birth to them! YIKES!!!

The Tompkins Family said...

I apparently need to get out more...I have never even heard of a Droid! I have a BB and I've obviously heard of iPhones and I seriously didn't know there was another alternative. DDDUUUHHHHH....

seussgirl said...

We're getting Droid Xs this week, and we're so excited!
The fair pics were cute. :)
Glad the beach was fun (I'm joining all my comments in one!)

I'll try to get some apple recipes posted to the Braces Bunch Recipe blog!!