Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big or little?

In the spirit of ICLW and JJ’s thoughtful Tuesday, this seemed appropriate.

You are either a Big Things person or a Little Things person.

I am a little things person. 

The little things mean more to me than any one big thing ever could.  The little things that go wrong also stay with me for longer than (almost) any big thing that has ever gone wrong.

I am a detail person. 

Life is about the details. At least it is to me.  I notice that in the pictures I take, in the things I focus on during the day, the way I interact with people.  I do my best everyday to pay attention to the details – sometimes I just like to look at the leaves and not the forest.  Makes the forest seem less dark and scary, ya know?

The little things that made today a good day:

  • I forgot something at home when I left for work this morning. So I came home to get it at lunch. And I got to see Gianna. That made the rest of my day better.
  • someone at work said thank you to me.
  • I got to wake Gianna up from her nap when I got home and snuggle on the couch watching Elmo.
  • My husband starting an after party dance party.
  • I drank my coffee out of a cup my sisters got me from CA.

What kind of person are you?



JJ said...

I LOVE this! And thanks for doing a TT post :)
I am so a little things person--it helps me stop and "smell the roses" and really appreciate the things life offers.
Glad you enjoyed lots of little moments today :)

Aunt Sissy said...

was gianna just chilling at home by herself when you stopped home for lunch?.......rude

Deanna Zachrich said...

This is such a great post!
I am totally a little things person. Details are what matter most to me. I think if you skip past all the little things just to get to the big thing, you'll be missing a lot. Finding a coffee cup exactly like my late grandmother's gives me a smile and a warm memory of her. Noticing my husband's dark hair, makes me smile because that's one of the things I found most attractive about him when we started dating, and hearing my daughter laugh (sometimes over the goofiest little thing) makes my whole day better no matter what else has happened.
Details are what make life interesting.
Happy ICLW!

seussgirl said...

I'm a little things person, too. (Does anyone ever admit to being a big things person?) I admit to letting the little things get to me this week. Like the overhead kitchen light that won't come on the whole way. Or the toys I keep stepping over.
I will try harder to look for the good little things tomorrow. :)