Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last of the beach vacation updates

If I could be a professional beach-bum. I would. I mean, I could sit on the beach, in the sun, listening to the ocean all day everyday. No questions asked. It would honestly never get old.

It was truly a fabulous vacation. These are just a few of my fav pictures – I don’t want to overwhelm you so check here for all the rest. 

9.9  (100) 

9.6  (34)

no words needed here.

9.7  (36)

Swimming with daddy being a big cheese.

9.7  (92)  

Up too late. But this picture just warms my heart in a million ways.

9.8  (53)

So does this one.

9.9  (26)

Being her sassy self trying to run away from the water!

9.9  (21)

Modeling her “boat” for me one morning.

9.9  (176)

Trying to be okay with the water. She was super nervous but we got her to hang in there for a few minutes!

9.10  (14)

she did however enjoy the shells. She collected them for Gaama’s seashell garden.

9.9  (111)

and digging. After she decided the sand was no longer “dirty”.

9.9  (185) 

This is one of my favorite memories. Walking up the beach with her, hand in hand. At her pace. It’s something I will always remember because the whole walk up the beach she was “talking” to me. Seriously it was perfect.



Danifred said...

Love these- I can't wait to click to see more.
She is one super cute kid!

JJ said...

You all definitely had a good time, huh :) Love these pictures--she looks like she is a beach fan!