Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supply and Demand

We all know the old economic principle of supply and demand, right?
When the demand increases, the supply should also increase and vice versa.
Can I just tell you how not true this is for my love life? (and yes, by love, I mean sex).
I am finally feeling really comfortable (most days) with how I look, where my jiggly spots still are and that my hair really never is quite right.  But? My clothes are fitting great, my shoes fit even better and my husband thinks I am hot.  So finally, after a year, I feel good.  So good in fact I bought a 2 piece bathing suit! And I think it looks pretty okay on too.
My problem though, is that The Tired is still around and more fierce than ever paired with a huge pile of work.  Work being school work, work work, house work, wife work and mommy work.  Alotta workin’ goin’ on over here.
So we have The Tired, The Extreme Tired and The Work to battle if we are going to have The Sex.  After my last discussion with the internet on this topic, we instituted weekly sex.  It honestly worked.  The Pacific replaced The Sahara and life was good.
Good ole’ supply and demand in action.
And then life got in the way, per usual.
Now we are back at square one. Or negative one. 
Why does this happen? Why can I get over one barrier (self-image) and sort of another (Sahara v Pacific) to only replace it with The Extreme Tired and The Work. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back it is.  This makes for high demand with low supply.
The Sex is like a freaking prized jewel these days.  That’s what happens when things are in high demand right? They become more coveted?   Somebody tell my husband that until the Extreme Tired lets up and this girl gets some energy back.


Danifred said...

You are not alone. Not in the least little bit. And, making a baby is especially difficult at the pace we're going.
I feel your pain.

renee said...

Well the problem there is that the more sex you have, the more kids you have. and the more kids you have, the more tired you are. and around and around we go. lol. Honestly we're in a dry spell too. IDK why. I blame the heat+no a/c+3 miserable babies screaming and whining and ALL.OVER.ME.ALL.DAY.LONG. I swear, it goes in waves. for weeks we'll do it multiple times a day. then we'll go months and it's once or twice a month. I'm looking forward to having older kids...of course then you have to watch "the noise". aha! meet your next problem ;-) lol

stephannee said...

Your post made me smile..not sure if that is what you were going for..but it did...LOL! Hang in there!

Ms Dreamer said...

What happens if you don't have kids and are just too damned tired to have The Sex? :)

Thanks for dropping by - hopefully, I'll hear something. Hell, I'll take a "no, you're an idiot" over nothing!

Mama Reg said...

ahh the prized jewel-worded SO PERFECTLY lol!! I FEEL YA. its sad when a romantic night with a movie and wine is actually like taking two ambien and i end up with my mouth open at the end of the night-but not how my husband was hoping HAHAHA its me passed out on the bed!

GEES sex is so complicated sometimes! being married is no exception! how often do i feel like i want it (is it sad that its probably as much as mike, like everyday?) but we only have time, energy and are bodily able what, like once a week if were lucky?