Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

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  • I really like the fun visitors ICLW brings to my blog. Thanks for visiting, ya’ll come back now – ya hear?! (yes, i know that is corny)
  • Gianna is just a goofball these days. She spent last night brushing her babies hair. We also put said baby in the bathtub with her because, well, she was messy when she ate her nutrigrain bar. Gianna got so mad at me when I tried to take the wet baby from her so she could go to bed.  A little water never hurt anyone….
  • I really do not like all the humidity we are having for the sole reason that it is forcing me to use our AC. I really do not like having to be cuddled under a blanket in the summer time.
  • My last big project of the semester involves me narrating a powerpoint presentation that I gave last week. The one I gave was 30 minutes long. My narration can only be 10 minutes. That should be an easy task…..
  • We have all wood floors in our house.  I am not a huge fan of sweeping. Those two things do not go together.
  • I am jonesing for a new lens for my camera.  And a new fun camera bag.  and some camera lessons so I can take better pictures.
  • Why do I stay up late every night? By late I mean until 11. I am always tired in the morning. Some people never learn….
  • One of my coworkers is ridiculously behind the times technologically. I feel like if you are in the work force today - you should know what Microsoft Office is and how to use its components. Telling me you don't know what powerpoint is and not being able properly prepare a document in Word is not making me respect you as a peer.... For gawd sake, ELMO has email. You should be able to put together a simple powerpoint presentation. It is 2010 - get with it.
  • I had other things I wanted to write here… and now I can’t remember what they were. Typical.
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Danifred said...

I do the SAME thing with staying up late. Every. Single. Night. I am up way too late and then exhausted the next day. Then, when I get my second wind somewhere around 9:00, I just stay up later. Ugh!

Josh said...

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renee said...

Hey, even *I* can use those computer programs. now THAT is sad ;-) lol. I love that G loves her baby doll so much. our girls do too. It started when I was pg with Jack and I just loved showing them how to be gentle with the baby and everything. precious! :D

Ashlee G. said...

ICLW is great for bringing in new guests.

Happy Blogging!


Sarah S said...

This is my first ICLW and it has been great finding all of these new blogs!

Your daughter is very cute!!

Happy ICLW!

Erica said...

Happy ICLW! My first time, and I love it! Nice to "meet" other bloggers...;)