Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes dinner can be dramatic

So we all have heard my many woes about how G doesn’t like to eat 99% of food.  But, the girl loves her some fruit.

Loves it so much she will shovel 10 pieces of strawberry into her mouth at once, because obviously some strawberry monster is going to eat them if she doesn’t.

Which leads to the dinner time drama. She deemed her eggs “ucky” and wanted only her strawberries and plums. And she wanted to eat them at warp speed.  Or pack them away in her cheeks for later like a chipmunk.

If you tell her “slow down Gianna” or “one bite at a time, Gianna” she makes faces like this while trying to sneak in an extra nibble:

July 2010

I apologize in advance, little one, that you inherited my Ugly Crier Gene.  Fair warning – everyone will know when you are upset for your whole life. No hiding it.  If you look close you can see the alligator tears on her cheeks.

I may or may not have provoked her with a “slow down Gianna” or two so I could finally get this face on camera:

 July 20101

This face she offered up all on her own. I tell you – who knew so much drama was involved in trying to prevent choking?  She gave me the extra pout/cry/whimper when I said “stop crying so you don’t choke on your food”. 

I did the ultimate no-no in mommyhood disciplinary action - I laughed. She always laughs when someone else does. So she started to cheer up.


The she found her wa-wa, which always makes her happy.  And we were jamming to some Justin Bieber – which also makes her happy.

All the drama that was Thursday Night Dinner Time began and ended in about 10 minutes. 

Thankfully it ended on a higher note than it started with.



Lora said...

The "slow down" face is PRICELESS!!

Danifred said...

How dare you try to stop her from choking? You are a very mean mommy ;)
Great pictures!!!!

Lora said...

Oh and thanks for visiting my blog today :) Tell your web-toed friend I said Hello! lol

aunt jacqui said...

how dare you make my baby cry like that...