Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer time woes

It's July. It's summer. It's the "heat wave of 2010".

And I am stuck in my office, with a blanket wrapped around me beacuse it is so cold in here!

Maybe I am in the minority, but I LOVE when it is hot. You will never hear me complain about heat (humidity maybe) because I am a sun worshipper and would spend every single minute outside if I wouldn't a) melt or b) starve to death!

You know what has sucked even more about this particular summer?  The fact that my mom has a beautiful in ground swimming pool screaming my name and I have next to zero time to visit the resort!  Granted, I have gotten my swim (and tan) on a few weekends this summer, but not nearly to the degree that I would like.

Second sucky part? School.  I am taking 3 summer classes for my masters program and they are eating up all free time.  1 of the classes is over now, and it was fine. The other 2 will be over the end of this month and that time can't come soon enough.  I actually will get a small break before diving into the fall semester. Maybe I can finish painting my house or hang pictures or swim or enjoy my family!  Or prepare for our beach vacation in September!!

If only my office had a window so I could at least see the sunshine.  Since it doesn't, I just pretend it's storming and gross out everyday so that when I leave work I am excited by the heat and sun!


Danifred said...

So sorry you're stuck inside all day. That really does stink!
And, even more sorry that classes are sucking up all your time. I do know how miserable that is!

Anonymous said...

I live here and have nights I can't get in the pool. I put my bathing suit on when I got home last night and never got in the pool. Very frustrating!

Rebecca said...


It also sucks about the pool...I would find myself dreaming about that at work, if I were you.

You're a busy girl this summer! I am a huge fan of the September Beach just extends summer and everyone else is GONE!