Thursday, February 11, 2010

and the beat goes on

a lot on my mind, but not enough for a full post on any one topic.

so bullet points it is!

  • I need to start getting ideas and plans for my masters capstone – I think I have a great idea, now to see if it fits.  this is a lot of work! and it’s not going to be happening until next year at this time.  It does give me some encouragement that the end is in sight. kind of.
  • One of my very best friends ever is moving to Florida (probably as I type this) with her husband.  It is a great opportunity for them, which is so wonderful. I am going to miss her like crazy. But, there is a new vacation spot :)
  • With above mentioned best friend moving, it brings back a lot of hurt and sadness over the ending of another friendship. (read here).  The three of us were “the triangle” and now we are 3 separate lines. (2 lines together don’t make much, a right angle maybe?) Sometimes I really hate how life plays out.  I said my peace on the subject but moving past it has been much harder than I expected, despite the ridiculously deep hurt that went on.  ::heavy sigh::
  • the hubs and I hope to go out of town for our anniversary. where is the question right now!
  • I am looking forward to finishing our taxes…. they are always such a huge pain in my ass.  I just wish the rest of the documents I need would show up already.  Wasn’t there a January 31 deadline on this stuff?!! Maybe I need to show these companies a calendar.
  • It has snowed a lot.  I hate it a lot. But, no use in complaining. It didn’t make the snow melt any faster last winter…
  • I am LOVING my project 365.  I almost cried the other day when i thought I forgot to take a picture. 
  • my boss is a micromanager and it is incredibly frustrating to someone who likes to use her brain.  I like my job, but I could leave in a second for something more challenging. Hopefully in a year or so that won’t be a problem.
  • Just getting into “couponing” as part of my frugal living approach to life these days.  This blog is freaking AH-MAZING for anyone who uses or wants to use coupons.
  • My husband is working on a pregame music mix project for friends of ours and he is fantastic!  I wish I could link you to his work.  If anyone is in need of a music mix, dj or any other music work – he is SO your man.


Danifred said...

Ohhhh, I'm definitely going to have to bookmark that blog for coupons. I've been trying to be good lately, but I'm slacking!

renee said...

i have been SUCKING on taking a pic every day. like SUCKING BAAAAD. idk why i can't get in a groove, i just can't. boo. and i'm so sorry about your friend situation :-( boo on that too. :-(

AFD said...

I came across your blog through Sunny in Seattle, a friend from high school. I just started couponing...isn't it overwhelming? I like case you haven't been to that one yet. There is SO MUCH to learn! Anyways, just wanted to say hi.