Sunday, February 14, 2010

pizza & beer? toys? a car? a dj?

Gianna turned TEN months old last week. ::heavy sigh::chug some wine::
Hard to believe, yes.
But there is no time to dwell on how fast the last year has gone, because there is a PAR-TAY to plan.
I know for some 1st birthday parties are no big deal, just another day.

But they aren't from my family.  A family who throws a party when a girl gets her period and cooks for 50 people on a regular basis. (12 usually eat....for a week)

For her baptism, we had about 40ish people at the "after party" 2 areas with food and 1 pony keg. 
Her guests are expecing big things from her 1st birthday party. CLEARLY we can not disappoint them.

But I can't figure out what to feed them.  Or how to decorate. Do we need to entertain? What are good gifts for toddlers?
(I can't believe I just typed toddler in referance to my little peanut)

We are doing a cupcake theme.
With cupcakes. And an ice cream sundae bar.
They might want to eat "real" food - but I am not inspired by anything at the moment.
What do you like to eat at parties?

Decorations? Nooo clue.
I am trying to do this on the cheap creative side.
I think I want a banner of some sort, high chair decorations and a princess crown.
And for Gianna, well, who knows....
Give me your best (easiest!) craft like projects. Or places to buy craftlike projects completed by someone else.

And what on earth does a One year old want need?  the answer here is obvious.
If want to make the little bug happy, here are some other options.....
Step2 Arctic Splash Water Table

A water table! 

And a Keg for all of mommy & daddy's friends.
(kidding. we'll probably just get a few 24 packs.)

What did your one year old and older like?  Especially for the summer months.

Entertainment, well we will have the usual.
Laughter, time with family & friends, joy, a cool tunnel  kind of like this to entertain her baby (toddler!) friends and since her daddy is a DJ, music/food/beer for the rest of the party-goers. (to encourage laughter and joy)

Whatcha think? Would you come to the party? Want to make sure it is over 60 and sunny come April 10?


Stacie said...

I got my daughter one of those exact water tables for her 1st birthday -- her b-day is in June, so it was perfect.

We did a cupcake cake, but she didn't really care. But it turned out cute anyway.

We also got this from Amazon:

Jules said...

I'm in the planning stages as well, but sadly we're in March so most likely indoors only. Bummer!

Probably getting the girls a couple new toys / spring clothes. We found a baby pool on clearance last fall though for when it's finally warm.

Besides hubby's nieces we dont' have too many kids on the list so will be catered for the adults - haha maybe some Wii games once the girls go to bed. Yeah, not ready to call them toddlers either!

Danifred said...

I like oriental trader (.com) for cheap party supplies. Then, I mix in some solid colors too so that it's not theme overload.
I've found that having something for the kids to do (even if it is just coloring) is the way to go, but that's just me.
We used to serve beer at Tot's parties, but we've stopped doing that... it's just too much.
I'd love to come to G's party though, I'll bring Tot, Bean and a case of Sam Adams :)

Anonymous said...

Love the blog makeover. I always love birthday parties. If I were you I would make finger food type things that you can make a day or two ahead and get close family and friends to help you by bringing some food to make it easier on you or have a "pot luck" and have everyone bring something to share.

Anonymous said...

We got Asher one of those water tables for out at the lakehouse this year! The kid LOVES water, so if G does too, then she'll LOVE this!! :0)

renee said...

for some reason we always end up getting our kids some type of a ride-on toy for their first b-days. now, please dont be like my mil and get her one where the wheels dont turn when you turn the steering wheel. not fun for a frustrated baybee. sand boxes are also fun. :D