Sunday, February 7, 2010

9 months = best.ever.

I think I have said before that 9 months has been the best one so far. Gianna thinks so too. She wants to show you.

Playing with boys is way too fun. Especially this cool guy.

jan 2 (19) 

I am too awesome to hold my own bottle. But playing with the bottle cap. Nothing better!

jan 17 (4)

Playing with Mommy’s lens cap is my favorite. Who needs toys?

jan 23 (8)

Finally they let me get in the big girl tub. I love it in there.

  jan 24 (5)

I got to play with some other friends, Olivia was trying to give me walking lessons.  Ben & Maggie watched the action while plotting how to get across the room unnoticed.

jan 31 - dixon,knepper,miller playdate (21)jan 31 - dixon,knepper,miller playdate (9)

Also, Mommy & Daddy don’t know this, but playing with the electrical cords is really fun. They should try it, maybe they will quit telling me no then….


Just thought all of Mommy’s internet friends needed an update from me.  Maybe soon Mommy will post the video of me dancing, since that doesn’t come through well in regular old pictures, because dancing is my FAVORITE!!  And waving.


Danifred said...

She is too very cute and obviously WAY to awesome for any silly bottle holding :)

Anonymous said...

aunt jacqui loves you!

PJ said...

I'm excited that you guys all live in the same vicinity, because there is a real possibility that we may move up there at some point. :)

Sounds like you had a great playdate.

Mama Reg said...

OH SO CUTE!! im glad you are enjoying this age :) i personally thought it was THE BEST as well! :) and oh my, she is amazing, already standing!! that is awesome. you have quite a bright, adorable little mini me on your hands! :)

renee said...

she is soooo freaking cute!! i always think that every age is the best. my mom used to make fun of me after maria was born b/c every 3months i'd say this is the best age ever! lol.

oh and btw THANK YOU for the blog comments and support. love you.

JenM said...

Aw, so cute! And hey, my little ones made your blog :-)