Monday, November 30, 2009

Better Off

We all have those old friends that you can see once a year, but the relationship is so comfortable that it doesn't matter and you pick up right where you left off. Those are life-long friends. Those are the ones you can't live without. I know that I have a few friends that fall into this category and while it would be great to see them more often, when we DO get together it's that much better!!

And then we have people that come in and out of our lives - it's a way of life and we are thankful for their presence for the time they are around and sometimes we are sad to see them go, but it happens. And sometimes, we are glad to never see them again. Sad still, but usually for the better. I have this going on too.

My best friend and I had a HUGE, and I mean MAMMOTH falling out recently. And it pretty much sucks that it happened and it is really sad. But, it is one of those situations where there is no turning back - I am pretty easy on handing out forgiveness to people since I really dislike conflict & I don't live with a heavy heart. BUT I don't forget. The double suck part of this - she is the mother of our goddaughter. AWKWARD. But, we take that responsibility pretty seriously so hopefully we can work out visitation or something....

I really never talk about my "real dad" - sperm donor - whatever. He is pretty worthless and a drug addict/alcoholic (hellooo closet... not so dark in here anymore, huh?). Klassy. It's hard to call someone your dad when you see them once every 3 or so years and talk to them about as much. I could go forever without talking to him and my daughter will not know him because he is the same person he was 15 years ago - not good. But when I hear things about him and the shenanigans he pulls STILL (esp. when they involve my sister) , I am thankful to not be a part of that world. And even more thankful that I do have a REAL dad in my life now.

Hrmph life. The roller coaster continues.
Watcha gonna do but deal with it, move on and hope you learned from the experience.


renee said...

i understand about your dad (obviously). what hard about that also is the kids. i had no idea what to tell maria to call my dad the ONE time she met him. so i just said jeff, b/c grandpa just doesnt seem right ya know? but i came to the realization that they were better off without him...just like me. and most likely, just like you and your sisters :-( sometimes life just sucks, through no fault of our own. {{hugs}} to all of ya.

Danifred said...

I don't know why, but I think it's interesting how having children changes one's perspective on people and relationships.
Or, maybe it's just me :)

Kim said...

sometimes having parents like that makes us grow up a little too fast....but in the long run you know that you are who you are because of YOU and how you worked so hard to become that awesome person...and that even tho they are family by blood, doesn't mean that they deserve to get to be a part of the wonderful life you made for yourself and your family.........