Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Not  one (Cybil) but two (Paige) beautiful ladies gifted me!
Trying to give me a big head or something....  They are both fabulous and I suggest you check them out.
Also fabulous, and equally beautiful are a few of my new favorite bloggers:
Diana @ I Am Still
Renee @ It Won't Be Like This for Long
Danifred @ Sippycups are Not for Starbucks
PJ @ Infertility on the Brain

Seven things about myself:
1) I have 4 tattoos
2) In my opinion, there is no better therapy than retail therapy. Even if it is just grocery shopping. something about spending money helps me feel better. Especially at Target.
3) I hate socks
4) I also hate wind/fans etc blowing on me. even when it is hotter than hell.
5) When one of my nails break, they all break. I also can not stand long nails. (look, a bonus fact!)
6) Oreos and milk are my biggest weakness ever.
7) I quit medical school. I am getting my masters. And I think one day I will get a phD*. I like to learn...a lot.

 The rules to pass along this award are:

•Be polite, say thank you to the blogger that gave this to you & give 'em a linkback
•Pass it on to about fifteen other beautiful bloggers that you've recently discovered.
•Link 'em.
•Notify 'em.
•Say seven things about yourself

*one day when I am not in debt to the point of insanity.


Danifred said...

Thank you for my fancy award! Love it! I LOVE socks, I actually collect socks. But, never, ever in the summer.

I see you joined Business2Blogger- I am LOVING it! I'm doing a review for leggings and reusable bags. Wooo hooo... free swag!

renee said...

Awww thanks Andi (yep, that's right. not Andrea :-p). I will have to do this the day after tomorrow b/c tomorrow I have to do our anniversary blog. (5 years omg!!!) but i will def do it then :D love you.

Mama Reg said...

aww thank you!!! wow thats awesome. right back at you, i cant wait to do mine!! :)