Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Hi Internet friends!
See my toofers? can you help the top ones come in soon?
promise it will bring lots more big big smiles…..
Love you lots, Gianna


Rachel said...

omigosh- does she have like a whole bottom row of teeth? The pic makes it look that way! I can't believe how big she is! Only a few mos left!!! Can you believe it?

andrea said...

she has the bottom 4! crazy girl :)
no, i can not believe it at all Rachel.

Danifred said...

We see them, we see them! Oh, they are so fun for eating and smiling (but not biting)!
Tot and Bean

Anonymous said...

i saw a few on the top cut through yesterday! wont be long!! Love you guys!! aunt jacqui

lpearch said...

Oh my GOODNESS. She is adorable :)

andrea said...

Dear Tot & Bean -
I will be sure to tell those gums how worth it will be for the teeth to come and visit, and that all the pain & suffering will be worth it! Thanks for the advice